La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux (The Society of 40 Men and 8 Horses) commonly known as The 40 et 8, Grand Promenade (state convention) which was held in Pierre July 20-22. South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Biehl was awarded the 2012 law officer of the year award and his dog, Zanna, was named service dog of the year.

Biehl started his law enforcement career as a deputy with the Sully County Sheriff’s Deptartment. In 2001, he was accepted to the SD Highway Patrol academy. His first duty station was in Wessington Springs and in 2008 he transferred to his current duty station in Platte.

In a four year span, Biehl has made more than 360 drug arrests and removed more than 100 drunk drivers from the highways. He’s made 11 seizures of drug money and drug vehicles during this time also. His drug involvement led him to apply to be a police service dog handler and he was accepted. He and his PSD “Zanna” completed a six week K-9 certification class in July 2011.

In his community Biehl is a leader who contributes to others. In 2011, he and wife, Mari, were leaders with the Platte-Geddes and Dakota Christian students that raised $17,000. The students and volunteers packed 500 boxes of food, each containing 36 bags of food, which amounts to approximately 110,000 meals which were sent to Haiti and other locations.

“Biehl is an exceptional trooper, is highly respected by his fellow troopers and other area Law Enforcement Officers,” a news release says. His superiors were honored to nominate him for the 40 et 8 Law Officer of the year.

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