Shoppers at the Pierre Mall next week will find their options have expanded.

Rue21, a clothing retailer based in Warrendale, Pa., that focuses mainly on teen fashion, is moving into the mall and will have its grand opening on April 4.

The brand operates about 900 stores in 47 states and has a goal to open 100 stores annually, according to Kelly Evanovich, a spokeswoman for Rue21.

Evanovich said the company decided to put a store in Pierre because it was found to be underserved when it came to teen and young men’s clothing.

“A large part of our store opening strategy is identifying isolated, underserved small markets,” she said.

In fact, the brand concentrates on secondary markets and rural areas, usually with fewer than 50,000 people, because those areas have plenty of shoppers but few competitors, she said. Pierre is also a good location because it draws from a wide range of smaller communities, including Native American reservations.

The government and hospital presence also will draw people from other counties, Evanovich said.

De Costello, the mall’s manager, said she believes the store will do well in Pierre. Rue21 is concentrating on these types of markets and is putting locations into the five properties owned by Security National, including the Pierre Mall, she said.

Costello said the main thing the store will offer to shoppers is more variety, especially in terms of shoes, fragrances and men’s and women’s clothing. Rue21 will also complement the other clothing stores already in the mall, she said.

“When shoppers come to the mall they want more places to choose from,” Costello said.

She said, in addition to being a new place to shop, any store that opens in Pierre and employs more people is a good thing. Everyone at the mall is excited to see a new business come to the area, Costello said.

“Anytime we can turn on the lights and fill up a space it is a wonderful feeling,” she said.

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