For ballot lines involving a political party, Hughes County voters chose Republicans Tuesday night.

In the presidential race, voters picked Republican Mitt Romney over incumbent Democrat Barack Obama by about a 64-to-34 margin.

Hughes County voters favored Republican U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem 61 percent to Democrat Matt Varilek’s 38 percent.

Republican Kristie Fiegen won Hughes County handedly in the race against Democrat Matt McGovern for a seat on the Public Utilities Commission. Fiegen took 60 percent of the vote, while McGovern garnered 34 percent and Libertarian candidate Russell Clarke took almost 5 percent. For the other spot on the commission, Hughes County voters went heavily Republican, favoring Chris Nelson over Nick Nemec 77 percent to 22 percent.

On ballot issues, Hughes County voters shot down an attempt to make a change to the state constitution involving corporations by roughly 64 to 35 percent.

By a 62-to-37 percent margin, voters also turned down a measure that would have repealed certain restrictions on travel reimbursement for state legislators.

Hughes County voters were in favor of amending the constitution to change the cement plant distribution fund. This was one of the closer votes at 58 percent to 41 percent.

Another vote that was relatively close in Hughes County was on the issue of adding balanced budget requirements to the state constitution. It won in the county 60 to 39 percent.

An initiated measure to raise the sales tax and use those funds for education and Medicaid failed in the county 66 to 33 percent.

An attempt to establish a large project development fund failed by 61 to 38 percent.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s education plan failed by one of the larger margins of the night for Hughes County, about 68 percent to 31 percent.

Also Tuesday, Hughes County voters overwhelmingly shot down a wheel tax by roughly a 70-29 percent margin.

All votes are considered unofficial until a canvassing board meets to confirm them.

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