There’s room for improvement when it comes to preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in South Dakota.

As 2012 drew to a close, gonorrhea and chlamydia were the most commonly reported STDs in the state, according to a South Dakota Department of Health report. Cases of chlamydia reached upwards of 3,600 by November, while gonorrhea rose to around 630 confirmed cases.

Approximately 92 percent of South Dakota counties reported at least one case of chlamydia in 2012, and about 58 percent of counties reported at least one case of gonorrhea. Syphilis was also fairly prevalent last year, with 17 confirmed early-stage cases reported between three counties in South Dakota.

Confirmed cases of chlamydia and

gonorrhea have been steadily increasing since 2007. In 2012, cases of the two diseases were most common in the 15 to 39 age range.

The Department of Health recommends that doctors take a proactive approach to stopping the spread of STDs by asking their patients about their sexual health on a routine basis.

For a look at the Department of Health’s full Monthly Infectious Disease report, visit Disease facts can be found at

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