The Pierre Governors may have lost Friday night but no poll, score or highlight reel will show what they displayed—heart.

The Governors entered their contest with a team that many pundits saw as bullet proof, the Sioux Falls Washington Warriors.

Sioux Falls Washington had not only won their first five games entering Friday’s contest, they dominated them. Their closest contest was a 24-point victory.

A Pierre victory wouldn’t have been to the magnitude of Appalachian State toppling the highly-rated Michigan Wolverines a few years ago but a Governors win would have certainly sent shock waves throughout the state.

The Governors didn’t just fall in line to be the Warriors next victim though; they battled and weren’t intimidated by the state’s top-rated team.

The Governors not only competed with the Warriors, they pushed them to the limit. Pierre appeared to have the Warriors reeling as the second quarter neared its finish, holding a 13-0 lead.

The goalposts at Hollister Field are still standing though, thanks in part to a four-touchdown outburst from Sioux Falls Washington’s Nate Gerry.

The Governors weren’t the first and won’t be the last team Gerry terrorizes. He’s one of the top players in the state and will be playing on Saturday’s for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the near future.

Perhaps the greatest attribute associated with Friday’s contest was the Governors’ attitude during the game. The Governors never quit, even when trailing by two scores with the clock winding down in the game.

Pierre head coach Joe Kramer summed up the night perfectly when he said that he was both disappointed with the loss and proud of his team.

The Governors should certainly be proud of the way they played but the fact that they aren’t taking a moral victory shows that they can be a serious contender. The Governors were happy with the way they competed but ultimately are looking to win every time they set foot on the field.

The Governors also did a great job of keeping their composure through a few questionable calls and big hits from the Warriors that could have been flagged

Judging by the way they played against one of the state’s best, the Governors should believe they can win every week from here on out, making them a very dangerous team.

Pierre’s coaching staff has done a great job with this team and certainly deserve a lot of credit for making everyone quickly forget the 3-7 season of a year ago.

With a defense that seems to rise to the occasion every time it needs to, a talented offensive line, a pair of effective halfbacks and a quarterback with some dangerous weapons, the Governors could be poised to turn some heads as the fall season kicks into gear.

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