Down by the Old Missouri - Memorial Day & Sanitarium

125 Years Ago (1895)

Memorial Day — The following program has been prepared by the committee in charge of the Memorial Day. Thursday, May 30. 8:30 a.m. — All members of Sully Post, the Relief Corps, the Sons of Veterans and the citizens are requested to meet in front of the courthouse. 9 a.m. — The processions will start for cemeteries. The Indian school will join processions at or near the cemetery. 2 p.m. — The public schools will assemble at the central school building, Sully Post, Relief Corps and Sons of Veterans will meet in Grand Army Hall, courthouse. Schools will proceed from the schoolhouse to take part in the procession which will be formed on Retreat Street in front of the courthouse. Everybody is invited to join in the procession and march to the state house led by the Pierre Cornet band. Commencement exercises in the state house. Music by the Pierre Cornet band. Song, “America”-Audience. Ritual service of the G.A.R. Song by Glee club. Exercises by the pupils of the public schools under direction of Professor French. Memorial oration by Judge A. G. Kellam. Music, male quartet. Address by Mrs. Carrie M. Cleveland, past department president W.R.C. Song, “America”-Audience. Benediction by Reverend Lyman. By order of Commander of the Post.

It may not be generally known that extensive improvements are now being made at the Locke Hotel Sanitarium, which, when completed in the course of a week or so, will make the place one of the best equipped sanitariums in the country. The work is under the direction of S.A. Daniels, of Waterville, N.Y., who is an expert in that line. The material and appliances to fit up the rooms being prepared are now on the road and will arrive within a week. When a visitor descends the stairway at the Locke into the basement the first thing he sees is a hallway leading into the dressing rooms. There are ten of these, of a good size and each will be finished in good style and provided with a lounge and other conveniences for the comfort of the guest. From these dressing rooms a hallway or passage leads off to where the baths are located. As you proceed along this passage you find on your right a room fitted up for Russian baths. It has a system of steam pipes and slabs of marble in the form of steps. The patient can lie on any of these slabs he desires, regulated by the amount of steam he can stand, the temperature being greater on the highest slabs. On the left is a room for the Turkish bath.

Here it is arranged for the temperature to go up as high as 160 degrees, Fahrenheit, which should certainly be enough to start the sweat on a mummy or a brass monkey. Passing on you come to a room which is being arranged for shower and needle baths. For these baths there are cylindrical shaped cages provided, enclosed with a rubber blanket. Inside of this the person stands and is treated to a shower or needle bath as he desires, the temperature of the water being regulated as desired. Also in this room are marble slabs upon which one can recline and receive massage treatment, which is one of the most beneficial known. Off from this room on the left as you enter, will be an opening leading to a plunge bath about 11 by 25 feet and 4 or 5 feet deep, fitted with all conveniences. All these bathing conveniences, together with the big plunge bath connected with the Locke Sanitarium in readiness to take care of any patients or invalids who may wish to test the merits of the wonderful artesian, mineral, medicinal, water that flows from the well on the grounds, and which also is conducted all the different baths over the building, besides those described here.

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