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Student testing bill amended

When to test what subjects was the main reason for altering a public school testing bill.

The bill only involves three subjects. Math and English proficiency are cumulative over ongoing grades in school, while biology is learned when that particular school offers it. The bill did not address Social Studies or other courses.

Senate Bill 118 had to be amended to get a Do Pass recommendation from the Senate Education Committee. That committee was short on members that day, and the bill won 4-0. On Feb. 20, the Senate voted 33-1 to pass it on to the House side.

The House Education Committee first failed at passing it on. Then after more amending, the committee voted 12-2 to send SB 118 to the full House.

The current version of SB 118 states that all school districts shall administer tests in algebra I, biology, and English III to all students once in high school.