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Will work comedy for socks and underwear

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Will work comedy for socks and underwear

Professional comedian Elvis Mujic performs for the benefit of homeless shelters in the states and towns he visits. One of his routines is printed on his van — register your spouse as an emotional support animal. He performs Saturday, August 24, at the American Legion Cabin in Pierre, starting at 9:00 p.m. Bring socks, underwear, and other hygiene items to be donated to the homeless.

Giving to the homeless is comedian Elvis Mujic’s reason for performing across the country. He is now in South Dakota, trying to cheer up the homeless as well as raise donations of much-needed items for them through other performances.

“I almost gave up comedy, but now this is my main function,” said Mujic. “Though not profitable, I’m losing the least amount that I ever have — kind of like working. But seriously, if you really mean what you do, such as giving to others, this aligns.”

He is from Michigan. South Dakota is his 47th state in which to help the homeless, Wyoming being the last 48 contiguous state to cover. He has performed at, and raised donated items in, homeless shelter places in Sioux Falls, Yankton, Eagle Butte, Sisseton, and White River (performing tonight). Mujic performs at the American Legion Cabin in Pierre, Saturday, August 24, starting at 9 a.m. He is eventually headed to Rapid City, then to Wyoming.

“I get paid at the venues, but from the audience I try to charge socks, underwear, feminine supplies, hygiene supplies and other items that the homeless need,” said Mujic.

From the Pierre performances at the Cabin and the following Saturday at the Longbranch, the donated items will go to the Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center. Mujic has set up donation boxes at these two places, as well as at DakotaMart, Runnings, Prairie Pages, and Alley Exchange.

“At the venues, the biggest excuse by the audience members is ‘I forgot to bring anything,’ but at these other places they sell items right there so its it hard to ‘forget’,” said Mujic. His goal is to book in advance, then get the word out to homeless shelters and to those who can donate.

He also performs at homeless shelter-like places. At these, “I don’t charge for any of it,” said Mujic. “I just try to cheer them up. Emotionally they are so low, giving up. The shows go well; but imagine, it is the hardest group to make laugh. But they appreciate it.”

His routine is also kind of a challenge. He tries to stay Disney PG, “but its living a lie. These people are living in the worst conditions. Some are stereotypes — drug addicts and others — but most are like you and me,” said Mujic.