Details for SNAXLP 18412 4tdly 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE


SNAXLP 18412 4tdly 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE TO ABSENT DEFENDANTS: IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT AT NOME, Case No. 2NO-21-00017CI, REGINALD JOULE, DONNA HUFF-AHVAKANA, ALFRED WILLIAM HUFF, WARREN PAUL HUFF et al., vs. HARRIETTE C. ELLIOTT, BETH H. GRAVER AND ANTON APPEL, AND THEIR SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST, HEIRS AND ASSIGNS, et al, To Defendants: Harriette C. Elliott, Beth H. Graver, and Anton Appel, and their heirs, assigns and successors: You are hereby summoned and required to file with the court an answer to the complaint filed in this case. Your answer must be filed with the court at: PO Box 1110, Nome, AK 99762 within 30 days after the last date of publication of this notice. You must also send a copy of your answer to the plaintiff's attorney: Thompson Law Group at attorney's address: 880 N Street, Suite 101, Anchorage, Alaska 99501. If you fail to file your answer within the required time, a default judgment may be entered against each of you for the relief demanded in the complaint. This is an action for Quit Title of certain patented mining claims. The relief requested is to vest title in the Plaintiffs regarding the following patented claims: (I) Home Stake Association Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 498; 41.219 acres, U.S. Patent No. 464304; (II) Riverside Group Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 499; 99.788 acres, U.S. Patent No. 469384; (III) Exchange Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 500; 14.219 acres, U.S. patent No. 464303; (IV) Baldwin Association Placer and Golden Gate Association Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 1118; (V) May Association Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 1285; 152.648 acres, U.S. Patent No. 946748, Sect. 21; and (V) Protection Association Placer, U.S. Mineral Survey No. 1286; 130.071 acres, U.S. Patent 958245, Sect 15, all with the records of the Nome Recording District, Second Judicial District, State of Alaska. You have been made parties to this case because title is vested in each of you based on a 1954 recorded judgment from South Dakota.


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