SNAXLP 17306 1tdly 9/13 CITY COMMISSION ROOM PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA September 3, 2019 The City of Pierre Board of Commissioners met in regular session on September 3, 2019 at 5:30 pm with Commissioners Barringer, Huizenga, Johnson, Mehlhaff and Mayor Harding present for roll call. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by an invocation. The agenda was approved as amended. The introduction of the Outdoor Pool Capital Campaign Committee was added under Special Business. No one was present for public comment. Mayor Harding and Committee Chair Ron Woodburn introduced Tom Huber, Claire Peschong, Paula Weeldreyer, Todd Tedrow, Scott Huckins, Day Breitag, Paula Huizenga, Dennis Rounds and not present were Mindy Cheap, Becky Burke, Kim Brakke, and Bob Gill. Commissioner Barringer moved and Commissioner Mehlahh seconded to approve the consent calendar to include the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on August 27, 2019; Promotion from part-time Library Assistant to Circulation Services Coordinator - Abby Edwardson $20.94; Promotion from Water Well Technician to Street Maintenance Worker ? Scott Sczuggar $17.71; New Hire Park Department Seasonal - Shane Severyn $11.70; Claims. Unanimous approval. A-G-E CORPORATION, WOODRIVER DR WATERMAIN BREAK, 3,866.25; ASSOCIATED SUPPLY COMPANY, 1/2" 120V SOL VAL W/DIN, 243.49; AT&T MOBILITY, SVC 7/08-8/07, 4,220.03; BALLEW CONSTRUCTION INC., STORM SEWER AT CITY HALL, 2,798.39; BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE INC, 4X4-8 STK WRC S4S, 41.91; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION, TOILET CLEANER, 269.50; CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA SKATE, SUMMER REC SKATE CLUB 2019, 1,007.00; CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, AIRPORT - COPIER 7/20-8/19, 124.50; CENTURY LINK, 3200 HWY 34 SVC 8/7-9/6, 1,163.49; CHANDLERS INC, WINDSHIELD FOR 2009 IMPALA, 180.00; COLE PAPERS INC., GARBAGE BAGS, URINAL MAT, 185.45; COMM TECH INC, CAMERA INSTALL BAILING FACIL., 456.40; CORE & MAIN LP, 2 - IS FLEX CPLGS, 1,466.23; COUNTRY CARPET & FLOORING, VINYL STAIR NOSE TRIM, GLUE, 43.99; D.M.G., INC, FLANGE BLOCKS, 214.90; DAILY CAPITAL JOURNAL INC., NEW COMERS GUIDE - LIBRARY, 592.00; DAKOTA SEPTIC/DAKOTA JOHNS, PORTABLE RESTROOM RENTAL, 210.00; DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP, 1000 - PADLOCKS, 971.37; DIESEL MACHINERY INC., CONVERSION KIT-STEELFACE ROLL, 876.93; DONS SINCLAIR, 20 - CAR WASHES JULY 2019, 59.80; FARNAMS, ELBOW, 310.32; FASTENAL COMPANY, BALL LOCK SOCKET ADAPTER, 53.60; FERDING ELECTRIC INC., REWIRE BYPASS TRAILER PANEL, 75.29; FLOYD'S TRUCK CENTER, EXP ASSESSMENT ON VACK TRUCK, 235.30; GATEWAY FORD LINCOLN TOYOTA, DIAGNOSE & RESET LCM LIGHT MOD, 59.08; GBW INC, EXHAUST PIPE MBEND, 119.05; GENERAL PARTS DISTRIBUTION, HALOGEN HEADLAMP, 85.06; GRAHAM TIRE COMPANY INC, SVC CALL-PAYLOADER LEAKING, 360.56; HACH COMPANY, TSS PORTABLE COMPLETE IN CASE, 2,964.68; HAROLD K. SCHOLZ COMPANY, EVENS ST SUBSTATION IMPR #1, 195,874.96; HAWKINS INC, 40# PA-COLLECTION SYS CONTROL, 1,569.48; HDR ENGINEERING INC, EUCLID AVE UTILITIES 5/26-6/29, 16,116.48; HOGENS HARDWARE HANK, SCREEN, CLAMP, 7.61; HYDRO-KLEAN, LLC, 2019 CIPP SEWER LINING PROJ #4, 51,725.10; INGRAM PEST SERVICE INC, AIRPORT -SPRAY SPIDERS/CRICKET, 140.00; JC PRINTING INC., RECYCLE CARD FORMS & FLYERS, 1,794.00; JOHNNY'S TOWING INC., MOVED VEHICLE FOR RESURFACING, 65.00; KARI, JAMES, WW COLLECTION COURSE 2019, 169.60; LAKOTA CONTRACTING, INC., PANTS AND SHIRTS, 199.48; LOCATORS & SUPPLIES INC, RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT, 275.20; MARTIN BROTHERS FENCING, INSTALL NEW FENCE/GATES, 14,572.52; MENARD, INC, BLACK FLR FLANGE& NIPPLES, 197.55; MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION, 1010 BROADWAY SVC AUGUST, 310.00; MIDWEST OIL CO OF SD, CITGO CLARION FM 2 GREASE, 33.30; MIDWEST TURF & IRRIGATION, SUPPLIES & REPAIR ITEMS, 455.49; MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO, 900 CHURCH SVC 7/17-8/15, 931.48; MORRIS INC., 8.58T ASPHALT SAND/WASHED, 932.74; NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS, RIGIDLITE CPLG W/ E GASKET, 3,038.71; O'REILLY AUTO ENTERPRISES,, PULLER, 173.48; OAHE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, SUMMER REC HOCKEY 2019, 4,347.00; OLSON'S PEST TECHNICIANS, PEST CONTROL 8/12, 110.00; ONE CALL LOCATORS, LTD, LOCATES 7/27-8/2, 1,410.28; OPPERMAN INC, 38.09T MASONRY SAND DELIVERED, 1,237.93; PIERRE TENNIS ASSOCIATION, SUMMER REC TENNIS 2019, 304.90; POWER PLAN, PEDAL, SCREW, 363.51; PYT SPORTS, INC, 4 - 2 TIERED PLAYER BENCHES, 2,230.00; R & W CONSTRUCTION LLC, EXTEND STORM SEWER 4TH & ABBEY, 14,291.70; RC FIRST AID, BANDAIDS, TAPE, ANTIBIOTIC, 32.00; REES COMMUNICATION, ANTENNA, ING SENSE CBLE, LABOR, 147.00; ROSE CONSTRUCTION, CITY HALL PARKING LOT, 3,413.33; RURAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY COOP, 11 GROUND SLEEVES, 9,495.20; S & S WORLDWIDE, 9 KICKBALLS, 94.41; S ELLWEIN INC DBA INMAN'S, WW - RO RENTAL - AUGUST, 60.00; SANITATION PRODUCTS, DUEL SWITCH S.S. SUBPANEL, 146.02; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, WATER TESTING 7/22-8/10, 305.00; SD HERITAGE STORE, 1 BOOK, 19.95; SD ONE CALL, JULY MESSAGE FEES, 223.65; SD SHERIFFS' ASSOCIATION, DAKOTA TERRITORIES CONF. 2019, 50.00; SERVALL UNIFORM & LINEN, LANDFILL - TOWELS, MOPS, MATS, 131.11; SERVICE EXPERTS, REPLACED AC BLOWER MOTOR, 615.00; SHARPE ENTERPRISES INC, CURB & GUTTER 2019 #6, 70,807.93; SMITH, CHRIS, OP CERT EXAM 2019, 21.00; STATE OF SD - PMB 0112, JULY POSTAGE - PD, 13.71; T & T LLC, INSTALL NEW TOILET, 422.17; TETON RIVER TRADERS, REPAIR HEADSPACE ON #RR41897E, 45.00; WENDY THIEM, OP CERT EXAM 2019, 21.00; TRANSOURCE TRUCK & EQUIPME, HYD, LATCH, ASSY L, 767.25; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS COOP, 3200 HWY 34 SVC 8/12-9/11, 203.52; WSP USA, INC, GRD WTR MONITOR THROU AUGUST, 4,664.55; YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, SEPTEMBER GOLF CART RENTAL, 5,313.86; ZAHRADNICEK, JAMES, 6 KEYS - AMPHITHEATRE, 18.00; ZANDER AUTO PARTS, OIL, 799.89. Ian Paul, Fire Chief, explained that he has received 2 requests to discharge fireworks that he has provided approval for, per Ordinance. Tom Rounds is scheduled to discharge for both events and a fire truck will be on site for both events. The first event is Beck Motors 50th Anniversary on Thursday September 12th and they propose to discharge from the west of their building. Trace Beck commented that they have mowed the grass really short and will pick up all debris after discharge. The second event is Riggs High School Homecoming Football game on Friday September 13th and they propose to discharge from Hyde Stadium as they have in past years. Commissioner Mehlhaff moved and Commissioner Johnson seconded to approve the discharge of fireworks on Thursday September 12th from Beck Motors and Friday September 13th from Hyde Stadium. Unanimous approval. This being the time and place for the public hearing to consider the temporary malt beverage and wine license for Capital City Liquor at 122 E Dakota Avenue on September 10th, Mayor Harding opened the hearing. Doug Day explained that he will be providing wine and beer samples at the Chamber's Tour of Homes Event. Jamie Seiner explained that the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce and Oahe Homebuilders Association has teamed up for the event that will take ticket holders on tour of 5 homes in Pierre and Fort Pierre on September 10th. Being no one else present to comment, Mayor Harding closed the hearing. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Johnson seconded to approve the temporary malt beverage and wine license for Capital City Liquor at 122 E Dakota Ave on September 10th. Unanimous approval. Twila Hight, Finance Officer, presented a request to surplus 8 items to include Erskine rotary snow blower, fertilizer spreader, 1995 International Harvester Truck #9367, red trailer, 2005 Cougar Mosquito Fogger, 2013 Ford Taurus #4498, 2009 Impala #0368, and Rescue Star Phone System. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Barringer seconded to approve the request to surplus as presented. Unanimous approval. Twila Hight, Finance Officer, presented Ordinance 1807 a supplement to the 2019 budget appropriation to provide expenditure authority for $4,000,000 for the Boys & Girls Club Building Renovation Project and $2,000,000 loan proceeds and $760,000 for Griffin Park Storm Shelter Project and $424,125 Federal Grant Revenues and $113,100 State Grant Revenues. Both projects were funded in 2018 and carried forward into 2019. Commissioner Johnson gave first reading to Ordinance 1807 AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED AN APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE SUPPLEMENTAL TO ORDINANCE 1791, THE 2019 ANNUAL APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE, TO APPROPRIATE FUNDS FOR NECESSARY FUNCTIONS OF GOVERNMENT FOR WHICH NO APPROPRIATION OR INSUFFICIENT APPROPRIATIONS WERE PROVIDED. Twila Hight, Finance Officer, presented the 2020 Budget Ordinance for 1st Reading. As the final outside agencies are set to present and one more budget work session is scheduled for 7am Thursday morning, the Commission is finalizing the 2020 budget. Commissioner Mehlhaff gave first reading to Ordinance 1808 2020 ANNUAL APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Mehlhaff seconded to adjourn. 6:45pm Unanimous approval. Twila Hight, Finance Officer Published once at the total approximate cost of $127.43.


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