SNAXLP 17129 1tdly 6/14 CITY COMMISSION ROOM PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA May 28, 2019 The City of Pierre Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 28, 2019 at 5:30 pm with Commissioners Barringer, Huizenga, Johnson, Mehlhaff and Mayor Harding present for roll call. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The agenda was approved as amended. The Missouri River Update was added under Special Business. No one was present for public comment. John Childs, City Engineer, presented an overview of the Missouri River water levels, scheduled water release levels, and US Army Corp of Engineer's meetings. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Barringer seconded to approve the consent calendar to include the Minutes of the Regular Meeting on May 21, 2019; New Hire Solid Waste Seasonal w/ CDL - Nicholas Schmit $16.81; New Hire Recreational Seasonal - Taryn Senger $9.37; New Hire Park Seasonal - Conner Lonbaken $11.70; New Hire Part-time Airport Firefighter - Wyatt Trautman $14.32; Salary Adjustment for Parks Department Applicator License - Kaden Hight $13.20; Raffle Request - Knights of Columbus; Set June 4th 5:45pm Public Hearing - Oahe Days, Steamboat Park June 20-22; Claims. Unanimous approval. A.A.A COLLECTIONS, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 254.01; ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT INC, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 515.48; ADVANCED WEIGHING SYSTEMS, PRINTER ASSEMBLY, 1,923.70; AFLAC, CITY OF PIERRE INSURANCE, 933.24; AIRTECH HEATING & COOLING, BRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTION REBATE, 1,975.00; AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE, MONTHLY SUBSIDY FOR MAY 2019, 4,500.00; ANIMAL CLINIC, APRIL SERVICES, 1,185.00; BALLEW CONSTRUCTION INC., 1/0 PRIMARY, 15,724.82; BLACKSTRAP, INC, ROAD SALT, 1,899.09; BLUE TARP FINANCIAL, INC, 4-POST ALUM. UTILITY T, 330.48; SAMSON BOUTCHEE, EXP. REIMB. 2019 EX. DEV. MTG, 56.00; BOYD, BRANDON, EXP. REIMB. 2019 EX DEV MTG, 56.00; CAPITAL UNIVERSITY CENTER, APRIL-JUNE 2019 FUNDING AWARD, 8,895.50; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION, SUPPLIES, 3,014.20; CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, CITY HALL COPIERS 4/17-5/16, 1,335.85; CENTURY LINK, 3200 HWY 34 SVC 5/7-6/6, 1,863.03; CHOLIK SIGN COMPANY, RANGER DECALS, 355.00; COLE PAPERS INC., CLEANING SUPPLIES, 991.52; COLONIAL LIFE & ACCIDENT, CITY OF PIERRE INSURANCE, 293.76; COMM TECH INC, LED SMART TV, WALL MOUNT, 939.98; CORE & MAIN LP, #53-72, #74 & #75 INSERTS RTN, 631.22; DAKOTA CUSTOM TURF, LLC, BIRDIE BAR 1, 232.00; DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP, BX JCT PVC, 1,787.34; DELTA DENTAL, HOUSE PREMIUMS MAY, 7,133.95; DESIGN SOLUTIONS & INTEGRA, PROGRAM CHANGES TO WELLS, 455.00; DGR ENGINEERING, EVANS ST. SUBSTATION IMP, 28,578.50; DONS SINCLAIR, UNLEADED GAS, OFF ROAD DIESEL, 1,713.36; EFTPS, FEDERAL WITHHOLDING, 90,930.92; FARNAMS, FUEL FILTER, 674.15; FASTENAL COMPANY, IMPACT WRENCH KIT, 292.96; FLOYD'S TRUCK CENTER, FREIGHLINER -- MISC REPAIRS, 866.89; FORTERRA CONCRETE PRODUCTS, MATERIALS, 1,110.43; GARDNER DENVER INC, ELEMENT, COUPLING, E20 LEAD, 694.79; GENERAL PARTS DISTRIBUTION, BREAKE FLUID, 478.43; GRAHAM TIRE COMPANY INC, SWEEPER TIRE, 1,631.40; GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT INC, MOWER BALDE, 55.53; HDR ENGINEERING INC, ON-CALL ENG SVC 3/5-4/27, 4,801.25; TRAVIS HEUERTZ, UPFIT 2019 DURANGO, REMOVE EQU, 2,750.00; HIGH POINT NETWORKS LLC, MITEL 6930 IP PHONE, ENTRY USER, 400.00; HOGENS HARDWARE HANK, KEYS, 5.97; HUGHES COUNTY REGISTER OF, RESURVEY E 1/2 BLOCK 5, 60.00; INGRAM PEST SERVICE INC, TEMPRID, FIRST STRIKE TRAPS, 55.00; INT'L UNION OF OPERATING E, CITY OF PIERRE DUES, 980.00; STUART C IRBY CO., TRANSFORMERS, 93,872.00; J. GROSS EQUIPMENT INC., CAP, FUEL, 67.77; JOHNNY'S TOWING INC., TOWING FOR POLICE EVIDENCE, 85.00; KANSAS PAYMENT CENTER, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 203.00; KIESLER POLICE SUPPLY INC, 6 GLOCK 22 GEN4 PSTL, 2,499.00; LAWRENCE & SCHILLER, INC, SDT-19-PBID PEAK DIGITAL&MEDIA, 6,687.63; LESTER HOSPITALITY - SIOUX, EVAN OLSON, BASIC SWAT 2019, 300.00; LOCATORS & SUPPLIES INC, MARKING PAINT, 97.04; LYLE SIGNS INC., ORANGE/WHITE LEFT BOARDS, 615.12; MCR PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS, ATTACH. H REVIEW 3/30-4/26, 14,137.81; MELVIN, LARRY, MISSOURI RIVER BRIGHT ENERGY, 350.00; MENARD, INC, RETURN & EXCHANGE WOOD SEAT, 1,241.30; MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION, DATA SERVICES, 80.00; MIDSTATES, INC., BINDING ELECTRIC MAPS, 60.00; MIDWEST OIL CO OF SD, BOBCAT OIL, 500.95; MIDWEST TURF & IRRIGATION, EQUIPMENT, 597.63; MISSOURI RIVER ENERGY SERVICE, SCHOCHENMAIER, L REGISTRATION, 75.00; MONICK PIPE, RAINBIRD COUPLINGS, 18.40; MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO, 2301 PATRON PARKWAY 4/17-5/15, 647.16; MORRIS INC., OMEGA MIX, 3,424.19; NAT'L ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL, REGISTRATION FOR EVAN OLSON, 495.00; NURSERY WHOLESALERS INC, 18" WINE & ROSES WEIGELA, 807.05; OLSON PLUMBING INC, METER CHG OUT 1803 E SULLY, 122.45; OLSON, EVAN, EXP. REIMB FOR 2019 BASIC SWAT, 160.00; ONE CALL LOCATORS, LTD, LOCATE 4/27/19 - 5/3/19, 1,167.07; OPPERMAN INC, TON MASONRY SAND, 1,287.98; OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY INC, REMOTE, REPAIR ON DOOR, 142.75; PAINT STORE, INC., THE, PAINT SMALL FIELD CONCESSIONS, 44.50; PIERRE ECONOMIC DEVELOP. I, 2019 2ND QTR FUNDING, 32,291.00; PRAXAIR DISTRIBUTION INC, 5YR MAINTENANCE, SAFETY & ENVIRO, 143.73; REES COMMUNICATION, REPAIR RADIO, 150.00; RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE CO, CITY OF PIERRE DED INSURANCE, 1,609.13; ROBINS WATER CONDITIONING, SALT, 75.50; RODENBURG LLP, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 254.01; SD DEPT OF CORRECTIONS, APRIL SERVICES SOLEM BLDG, 1,074.89; SD DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION, APRIL/MAY FUEL, 14,542.51; SD OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 2,516.00; SD ONE CALL, MESSAGE FEES APRIL 2019, 206.85; SD RETIREMENT SYSTEM, CITY OF PIERRE POLICE AFTER, 86,571.10; SDSRP, CITY OF PIERRE DED., 8,939.17; SERVALL UNIFORM & LINEN, LF - TOWELS, MOPS, MATS, 270.59; SERVICE EXPERTS, MAINT AGREEMENT 8/1/19-7/31/20, 1,060.00; SHARPE ENTERPRISES INC, GRIFFIN PARK STORM SEWER, 19,887.79; SKARSHAUG TESTING LAB INC, GLOVE CLEAN/TES/SEAL, 113.92; SMITH, CHRIS, CDL WRITTEN EXAM, 140.00; SPECTERA INC, CITY OF PIERRE, 211.16; STAN HOUSTAN EQUIPMENT COM, AIR FILTERS, 63.50; STAPLES ADVANTAGE, SHARPIES, TAPE STAPLES, 82.08; STATE OF SD - PMB 0112, APRIL POSTAGE, 22.74; STEVENS WATER MONITORING S, SERVICE AND SUPPLIES, 915.85; STI-CO INDUSTRIES, INC., RADIO EQUIP. FOR CHARGER, 547.72; TESSMAN SEED COMPANY, FUNGICIDES, 12,005.69; TRANSOURCE TRUCK & EQUIPMENT, DIRT S, 1,720.33; TX CHILD SUPPORT SDU, MAY DEDUCTIONS, 425.00; UNITED WAY, CITY OF PIERRE, 229.50; VAN DIEST SUPPLY COMPANY, 2-D TURF, HERBICIDES, 3,321.62; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS COO, 3200 HWY 34 SVC 5/12-6/11, 203.52; WAMCO LAB INC, FULL EFFLUENT TOXICITY TEST, 180.00; WHEELHOUSE PLUMBING INC, GREASE TRAP CLEANING, 197.72; WORD RECLAMATION & FENCING, GABION BASKETS, GABION STONE, 1,852.70; WW GOETSCH ASSOCIATES INC, SLEEVE, ROLL PIN, O-RING, 181.54; WW TIRE SERVICE INC, 18X950-8 SMOOTH, 136.00; Y M C A, CITY OF PIERRE CHILD MEMBER, 569.70; ZANDER AUTO PARTS, OIL FOR F-150, 141.38; ZUBER, FORREST, CDL RENEWAL REIMBURSEMENT, 28.00. Kyle Kurth, Staff Engineer, presented the bids received for the Street Shop Parking Lot project and recommended award to low bidder R&W for $37,908.40. Other bids were received from Anderson Contractors for $54,416.95, Sharpe Enterprises for $42,619.50, FRS Inc DBA SolBros Construction for $59,725.63, Top Grade Concrete LLC for $51,896. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Mehlhaff seconded to award the bid for the Street Shop Parking Lot project to R&W for $37,908.40. Unanimous approval. Kyle Kurth, Staff Engineer, presented change order #3/final on the 2018 manhole rehab project for a reduction of $2,250. The change resulted from 5 days of liquidated damages for $1,250 and reducing $1,000 for 2 manholes that were not poured with fiber. Commissioner Huizenga moved and Commissioner Johnson seconded to approve change order #3/final on the 2018 manhole rehab project for a reduction of $2,250. Unanimous approval. Brad Palmer, Utilities Director, presented the 2018 Drinking Water Report. A copy will be mailed with the June 7th Utility Bills. Twila Hight, Finance Officer, presented the 2019-2020 Malt Beverage License Renewals. Commissioner Barringer moved and Commissioner Mehlhaff seconded to approve the change order #3/final on the 2018 manhole rehab project for a reduction of $2,250. Unanimous approval. Commissioner Mehlhaff moved and Commissioner Johnson seconded to adjourn. 6:01pm Unanimous approval. Twila Hight, Finance Officer Published once at the total approximate cost of $122.69.


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