The annual Pierre/Fort Pierre city-wide garage sale was held Friday and Saturday, June 26-27. Despite social distancing, or maybe because of social distancing, the garage sales were a huge success.

“We sold more on Friday than we did in both days in any previous years,” said one patron. “Over 80 percent of the items are gone, and we still have a few hours left before we close up.”

Several neighbors living near advertised garage sale participants ‘piggy-backed’ onto the event. Visitors didn’t care. It saved driving around. People showed up in droves. In several places, for Saturday, the neighbors combined their tables and boxes of sale items in one spot and shared the duties.

Duties were the usual for most garage and yard sales, but this year conversation seemed to be the biggest hunted-for item.

“People want to get out. They are still cautious, but they’ve had enough with this self-isolating business,” was said by one patron, though it was a generally common statement. Some patrons wore masks, and some browsers wore masks, all the while as people waited in line being sociable but not too close.

“We had people waiting in line clear down past the mailbox,” said one patron, “and they didn’t seem to be in any hurry, talking with each other and all.”

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