Photograph from June 1967 of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad bridge in Pierre. The 16-by-16 foot bridge control house is the structure located above center of the swing span.

100 Years Ago

The weatherman was in a good humor yesterday and furnished an almost perfect day for the barbecue and get-together picnic given by the state house employees in the park. Over two hundred persons took advantage of the promised good time to get out and meet his neighbor in the state house, and his neighbor’s family and if everyone did not get acquainted it was their own fault, as every person present wore a yellow tag bearing his or her name. William Smith had prepared the barbecue which was delicious, and his able assistants in serving, Governor McMaster and C. M. Henry of the rural credits, saw to it that every plate was well filled. Baseball, volleyball and quoits furnished entertainment and after supper four ladies from the rural credit challenged any four from any department in a race. Several departments accepted the challenge and a series of races were run, Governor McMaster winning, with W. N. Van Camp a close second in a race in which Judge Whiting and Byron Payne were other aspirants. A pleasing feature of the afternoon was several selections by the Capital City Band. In the evening the company went to the auditorium where dancing was in order for several hours. Altogether it was a delightful party, and everyone hopes for another soon.

50 Years Ago

The Pierre Fire Department was unable to save the Chicago and Northwestern Railway bridge control house Wednesday afternoon, but the fire was confined to the house itself, and rail ties below were merely singed. The firemen were summoned about 4:55 p.m. yesterday when a youngster notified police that the control house, located in the second span of the bridge near the Pierre shore, was afire, Fire Chief Louis Harding said today that the building had no electric service, and had been blocked off from access. He said that they suspect vandalism as the cause of the fire. Harding said that he has not checked with railway officials but said that he would estimate the loss of the 16x16 foot building and its contents as $5,000. The building contained a gasoline engine for opening and closing the bridge span.

The new $427,000 Stanley County Courthouse is now complete and was being inspected at 1 p.m. today prior to being turned over to county officials. The building was constructed with Kelley Construction of Pierre as general contractor. The building features 2 floors, and a full basement which includes a modern jail cell complex. It is tiled throughout, with the exception of the courtroom, which is carpeted in a shade green. A feature of the new courthouse is the jury box, which will feature the old jury box chairs which have been completely refinished.

25 Years Ago

A rescue operation took place in Pierre Friday morning to free a snapping turtle that was caught between two cement slabs in Capitol Creek behind the Boys & Girls Club. City employee Larry Klinger directed the operation of a backhoe that was used to widen the space between the cement slabs. The turtle was freed and taken to veterinarian Virginia Trexler-Myren. The snapping turtle must have been struggling for quite a while, Trexler-Myren said. It was suffering from shock and exhaustion. The right eye is severely injured and might have to be removed. She is consulting with others about the turtle.

Dallas Chief Eagle’s Hoop Dance Academy grew out of a need to heal and combat the broken hoop syndrome. Performing internationally, this group brings a message of caring for each individuals’ own “hoop.” Dressed in traditional ceremonial garb, the troupe’s performance includes storytelling, music, and hoop dancing, and the audience involvement. Dallas Chief Eagle will conduct a hoop dancing seminar at the Community & Youth Involved Center, followed by a hoop dancing performance.

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