Rawlins Library 1970s

Children running outside of Rawlins Library, ca. 1970s. From the Pierre Chamber of Commerce Collection.

100 Years Ago

Few people of this city realize that one of the best wireless sets in the entire northwest is right here in Pierre, amateur outfits operated by Sherman Gregory and Orville Wheelon, who, with improvements made recently have been able to pick up interesting things, among which has been concerts sent out by radiophone from the Denver government hospital. The music comes in clear enough to be heard over an ordinary room with a phonograph horn set up in front of the receiver. The Pierre boys have picked up more distant stations than probably any other station in the entire state and with improvements to be made soon will have a still wider range. On favorable nights they have heard the voice of Long Beach talking to other California stations. Last night a radio phone conversation was listened to, one operator being in Ohio. With the telegraph waves coming in they have picked up Tampa, FL, Syracuse, NY and one station in Massachusetts. The two young men are rigging up a new aerial with high triangular towers of their own construction. With this aerial and improved amplifiers, the boys expect to secure a much wider range in the near future.

50 Years Ago

The pumphouse of the new $41,000 water well located near the Girl Scout Cabin along Missouri Avenue is complete, the well has been dug, and all that remains is for the pump to be connected and tested. Public Works Director Dave Padgett said today that work on the new well and reservoir should be completed, and in service by mid-November. The well is under contract to Layne Minnesota Company.

All of the structural steel in the new city library has been put in place, and the general outline of the building is beginning to take shape. The $394,000 building is roughly 96x108 feet in size, with a “clerestory” window area above a central reading area for additional natural light. There will be a 12-foot roof overhang all around the building to shield the windows from direct sunlight. The building, being constructed by the Jim Snow Construction Company in Pierre, is scheduled for completion next June.

Hank and Tony Wegner announced today that they will build a new Wegner Auto Company building by next June, and that Kelley Construction Company has been contracted to construct the new facilities on their lot on West Sioux Avenue between the Champlin Service Station and Thompson Publications. The new dealership facilities will include a glass show room with display space for 5 cars, modern offices and a much larger parts department. The Wegner Auto Company is the agency for Buick, Oldsmobile, GMC Truck, Opel, and American Motors franchises in Pierre.

25 Years Ago

Firefighters will be honored in a memorial being constructed by Capitol Lake. Dale Vermundson and Owen Tin Cup of Kelley Construction in Pierre prepared the ground to set the foundation for the monument.

Uncle Sam made a visit to Julie Waxler’s fourth grade class at Buchanan School to talk about the importance of voting. Uncle Sam, better known as Pierre Mayor Gary Drewes, visited the class as an activity for Kids Voting. Kids Voting is a voter education program in which students in kindergarten through 12th grade learn about the election process. The premise of the program is simple enough. Get kids interested in voting early in life and they’ll be voters when they get old enough to cast real ballots. The program goes so far as to have special Kids Voting booths established at polling places. Organizers do everything they can to make students believe that their votes count. Programs like Kids Voting are needed now more than ever. As candidates increasingly rely on negative advertising to get their messages across, we need a program to show young people the positive side of voting.

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