I am grateful for the equal opportunity that allows people today to pursue a career that they are passionate about or have a talent for doing.

This seemingly small gratitude ripples throughout our socioeconomic standards and quality of life more than we can imagine. For, example, I love the human body and uncovering the hidden powers within our DNA. Carl Jung — a famous Swiss psychologist — surmised that humans have a collective unconscious, meaning that we are born with a collection of images and knowledge that we can tap into during moments of crisis. Jordan Peterson — a famous Canadian psychologist — stated that when we encounter and subsequently overcome stress, our nervous system and endocrine system adapt and alter our epigenetic expression.

Both psychologists thought that we have some type of evolution propagated by a stressor. If both these theories are correct, then we can unlock unfathomable power from inside the human body.

The atom bomb, which decimated an area of 1.1 miles in radius — and ruined many more miles of Japan — created shock waves that moved faster than sound. If you were to separate the atoms in just a paperclip it would be the equivalent to 18 kilotons of TNT, which is close to the amount that the atom bomb released — the atom bomb only separated a handful of atoms of uranium. The human body has many more atoms in it than a paperclip — imagine the power that resides inside us!

As a physiologist, I study many facets of the human body and how to use it properly and unlock the potential within us. I don’t work on my plumbing unless it’s a small, easy and obvious fix. I don’t work on the electrical of my house or file my taxes. My taxes are complicated, I tried for a couple of years and thought I was doing a good job until I got audited and had to redo the past 3 years with the help of an expensive professional.

I am all for learning a new skill and giving new things a try — especially with YouTube’s help.

However, when working on the mind-body and spirit the task can be difficult and take many years to master. The dividends are astronomical in terms of return on investment when you work on positive lifestyle changes.

Many people go into a gym thinking they know what to do or how to work out. Which indicates they know biomechanics, neurobiology, biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, psychology, nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutraceuticals, anatomy and physiology, etc.

So if you don’t know some of these subjects or haven’t even heard of these subjects please take your weight room, nutrition and lifestyle habits serious enough to hire a professional that does. Even if it’s just for a few sessions. Your body will thank you for it!

Franklen Phares is a licensed athletic trainer in South Dakota and Texas. Phares has a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and a master’s degree focusing on exercise physiology with an emphasis on nutritional assimilation. You can contact him on Instagram at @marvel_performance or by email at marvel_performace@yahoo.com.

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