The Friends of Rawlins Library will host their first-ever Story Walk in Hilger’s Gulch, Wednesday, August 14.

The walk is for kids of all ages, but especially geared toward pre-kindergarten through second grade. The multi-stationed walk has activity stations where children can read, or be read to, the pages from a book and do a coloring activity. Eventually, after many stops, the book will be concluded and the kids will have completed their correlating project.

“The laminated pages of the book are displayed along the walk,” said Brenda Hemmelman, vice president of the Friends. “A parent, guardian or caregiver will help their kids at each of the story stops. The little kiddoes will have an activity, such as coloring.”

For this first-time event, the selected book is “Dog’s Colorful Day.”

The event is geared around that theme: The dog character in the book gets into mischief. Because of a paint mishap, food mishaps, and other run-ins, he gets spots of different colors on his coat.

Two or three dogs from Paws Animal Rescue, Pierre’s dog shelter, will be at the Story Walk there for the kids to pet and play with.

As they go along, the kids can continue coloring their pictures. “By the end, they will have a very colorful little dog they can take home as a memento of their story walk,” said Hemmelman.

South Dakota Former First Lady Linda Daugaard used to hold similar Story Walks at the governor’s residence.

“Now that her’s have fell by the way, we as Friends of the Library board thought we would continue the idea,” said Hemmelman. “It is also a free-will fundraiser for the Friends of the Library. Hopefully this will be the first of an annual event; once every summer. I think it will be fun. Hopefully will have a lot of kids.”

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