Georgia Morse Middle School earns vocabulary championship

Shown is the banner and current 8th grader Kevin Dillon, who was Georgia Morse Middle School's overall top student last year. He was on team Sequoia.

According to Principal Kyley Cumbow, the Georgia Morse Middle School earned vocabulary honors for the 2019-2020 school year.

Michael Freedman, general manager of the organization based out of New York, notified Cumbow of the competition results.

“On behalf of our team at, it is my pleasure to officially bestow the title of 2019-2020 Vocabulary Bowl South Dakota State Champion of Georgia Morse Middle School” wrote Freedman. “More than 1.6 million students from 47,000 schools across North America participated in the Bowl this year, and mastered more than 41.5 million words. Between October 1st and April 30th, your students mastered 14,271 words — more than any other school in South Dakota.”

“GMMS also achieved these rankings for the Vocabulary Bowl season:

  • 227th in Division II (North American schools with 500-999 students)
  • 282nd in the Middle and Elementary School Division

It is our honor to present you with this Vocabulary Bowl State Champion banner. We hope that you will display it with pride in your school,” continued Freedman. “We commend your school community’s commitment to vocabulary improvement during this difficult time, and we thank you for your participation and support.”

“This was a nice surprise to be notified of in the spring for our student’s efforts last year. There were varying degrees of participation from the six different teams. I am proud of those students who did participate and helped earn this award for the middle school,” said Cumbow.

“All classrooms were using to some degree. Our top classrooms were Mrs. Tyon’s 8th grade (Voyageurs) and Mrs. Isburg’s 7th grade (Sequoia). Because was used throughout the school year, it became a completely doable and relevant tool when GMMS was online in the spring. We proudly hung our banner in our school lobby,” said Cumbow.

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