Lolita King has been selected to represent T.F. Riggs High School at the 2020 Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar at Dakota State University, Madison, June 4-7.

“I was nervous that I was selected,” said King, a sophomore, “But, I’m eager to bring my best to the seminar, and represent our school well. I’m really honored I have a chance to make my school proud.”

Nicole Thorson is the sophomore school counselor, and is in charge of HOBY registration this school year. “HOBY Leadership provides transformative leadership development training to impact the lives of thousands of high school students. The chosen student spends 3-4 days engaging in leadership development activities, collaborating with other students throughout the states, and exploring leadership from individual, group and societal perspectives,” said Thorson.

What was the selection process? Thorson, “The program is announced and offered to all sophomore students. Students interested in applying for the program are to describe, in 75-100 words, the most rewarding and challenging aspects of leadership. Our school counselors and administration are then given the name-less submissions and rate them on a scale of 1-5. Upon receiving the ratings, each applicant’s ratings are totaled and our representative is identified.”

Why did you apply for this? King, “Primarily to gain leadership experience for my dreams of being a lawyer. I also wanted to build on my college application.”

How many years has Riggs been represented at HOBY? Thorson, “We have an application from 2004 on file, so 15-plus years. HOBY has been around since 1958.”

What background do you already have in leadership? King, “I am currently involved in Teen Court, Lutheran Youth Group, and have previous experience in Student Council.”

What do you anticipate at the event? King, “I’m looking forward to learning new skills to apply in my life, and meet new people.”

Is the student required to do a follow-up? Thorson, “They encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities to utilize the tools they gain at the seminar.”

How do you think you will pass on this information once you get back? King, “Help build students up when down, not just go back to my daily life but start new programs.”

Who sponsors a student to go? Thorson, “The student’s registration and program fees are covered by National Honor Society.”

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