Due to future snow removal plans, all parked trailers, campers and boats must be moved from Pierre’s city streets by Nov. 2.

According to Police Captain Bryan Walz, after Nov. 2, the Pierre Police Department will issue warning notices. If still not in compliance with the provisions of the warning notice, trailers will be ticketed and towed.

In Fort Pierre, all types of parked boats, campers, and recreational vehicles must be moved from public right of ways. Such vehicles are not permitted to park on any of the traveled portions of the public right of way for more than 24 hours, from Nov. 15 until March 15. Any vehicle in violation of the ordinance will be fined $25 plus the actual cost of removal and towing.

Also, Fort Pierre city ordinances state, “there shall be no parking on the emergency snow routes when there is more than two inches of snowfall, until the said routes have been cleared to the edges of the street.” Any vehicle in violation will be fined $50 plus the actual cost of removal and towing if not removed within 24 hours of citation.

There are similar snow ordinances for Pierre.

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