Oral Interp teams takes First "AA" Place at Madison meet

The First “AA” Place winner at the Madison meet was the T.F. Riggs High School oral interpretation team.

The T.F. Riggs Oral Interpretation team competed at the Karl E. Mundt Tournament at Dakota State University in Madison, Saturday, Oct. 26.

The members brought back numerous awards, which were topped off with a first place “AA” School title.

“This is the largest meet the team has attended yet this year, with 250 entries from 26 schools,” said coach Ashley Boone.

The Riggs’ team, this meet with 21 students, came in second place overall in the team sweepstakes, which is determined by the highest scoring entry in each of the tournament’s seven categories. Sioux Falls Christian took first place.

Students scoring high enough in preliminary rounds to compete in the grand finals included senior Sarah Hancock, junior Levi McKinley, sophomore Xzaria Henderson, junior Ruben Bowen, junior Jack Ferris, junior Savannah Shrake, junior Jordan Morley, senior Morgan Reiser, and sophomore Nicole Turner.

The public is invited to attend the home competition this weekend, held at the high school from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Email ashley.boone@k12.sd.us for further information.

Ruben Bowen — 12th of 63 in humorous; Aidan Burke — 14th of 27 in storytelling; Connor Gravatt (1st time participant) — 18th of 27 storytelling; Addisyn Gruis — 14th of 33 oratory and 20th of 27 storytelling; Sarah Hancock — 5th of 33 oratory; Xzaria Henderson — 5th of 33 oratory (tie); William Hodges — 26th of 44 poetry; A.J. Holland (1st time participant) — 26th of 27 storytelling; Caelyn Hutchinson — 34th of 44 poetry; Ainslee Hutchinson — 30th of 38 serious; Arielle Kiepke — 38th of 63 humorous; Lolita King (first time participant) — 27th of 27 storytelling; Levi McKinley — 5th of 38 serious; Ain Peterson — 31st of 38 serious; Abbie Pillen; 34th of 63 humorous; Savannah Shrake — 10th of 27 storytelling; Nicole Turner — 12th of 33 oratory; Henderson and Jack Ferris — 12th of 36 duet; Holand and James Gardner — 17th of 36 duet; McKinley, Hancock, Bowen, Jordan Morley and Morgan Reiser — 3rd of 10 readers theatre.

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