Friday, April 30

6:59 a.m., 296th Ave., Assisting Other Agencies, Officer Closed

7:07 a.m., Woodridge Dr., Animal Complaint — Domestic, Verbal Warning

8:04 a.m., E. Dakota Ave., Animal Complaint — Domestic

9:55 a.m., E. Dakota Ave., Mental Health

10:32 a.m., E. 2nd St., Parking Enforcement, Verbal Warning

11:19 a.m., S. Ree St., Traffic Crash

12:05 p.m., N. Garfield Ave., Traffic Crash

1:27 p.m., N. Euclid Ave., Intoxicated Person, Unable to Locate

2:48 p.m., E. Wells Ave., Trespass, Verbal Warning

3:26 p.m., N. Highland Ave., Traffic Complaint, Verbal Warning

10:08 p.m., S. Madison Ave., Missing Property

Saturday, May 1

1:41 a.m., Bushfield Dr., Disorderly Conduct, Refer to Prosecutor

5:18 a.m., W. Sioux Ave., Alarms

1:00 p.m., E. 5th St., Family and Children

2:44 p.m., W. Pleasant Dr., Found Property

3:35 p.m., E. Sioux Ave., Mental Health

4:57 p.m., N. SD Highway 1804, Civil Issues

5:31 p.m., S. Pawnee St., Assisting Other Agencies

7:20 p.m., E. Church St., Found Property

8:53 p.m., S. Euclid Ave., Assisting Other Agencies

9:42 p.m., SD Hwy 1804, Assisting Other Agencies

10:07 p.m., E. Elizabeth St., Suspicious Vehicle

10:32 p.m., E. Wells Ave., Disorderly Conduct

11:22 p.m., W. Sioux Ave., Alarms, False Alarm

Sunday, May 2

12:08 a.m., Orion Ave., Theft, Inactive Case

1:20 a.m., E. 4th St., Traffic Crash — Animal

1:01 p.m., E. Prospect Ave., Disorderly Conduct

1:39 p.m., Abbey Rd., Public Service

2:00 p.m., E. Park St., Traffic Complaint, Unable to Locate

2:32 p.m., E. 4th St., Animal Found

3:33 p.m., Mercury St., Animal Complaint — Domestic, Verbal Warning

7:54 p.m., S. Central Ave., Civil Issues

Unless otherwise indicated, each call was closed by the responding officer.

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