The new owners of the only pottery painting establishment in the Pierre area welcomed guests to an open house on Sept. 17.

The 1827 Pottery Plus at 109 E. Capital Avenue is now run by owners/operators Ashley Olson and Sherry Frost.

“We are 50/50 owners. We own 1827 Frost/Olson LLC, and we came up with that because of Luke 18:27 ‘What’s impossible with man is possible with God.’ We are both very crafty people, and we wanted to do something together,” Olson said. “There is nothing in town like this.”

Customers choose from a large inventory of clay articles, and paint that item their own personal way. Potter Plus personnel cover the painted item with a gloss-like liquid, then fire the item in a kiln to permanently set the paint.

Even during the ribbon cutting and open house, kids and adults were painting items. The smallest items — cute little animals — cost $3 for the item, the painting, the glossing and the firing. The business’s inventory is fairly extensive in sizes and varieties, and specialty items can be negotiated. Seasonal items — such as pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns — are now in demand.

T-shirts, stickers and canvases to be painted on are also available. “There may be even more options in the future,” Olson said.

“It’s an excellent way for kids to participate, too. It’s perfect for grandkids and grandparents to do something together,” Olson said. She pointed out that the table work space offers a social distancing environment.

Special guest during the open house was Amanda Carroll, who aired a live ‘Bomb Cancer Party’ to raise funds to help against cancer.

1827 Pottery Plus hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturdays noon to 3 p.m. And, customers can call to schedule a private appointment. Contact Ashley at 295-4402, Sherry at 280-1031, or call 280-6161.

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