Despite the current social distancing, approximately 150 people found a fun way to enjoy their Sunday, on March 22, as they enthusiastically followed the clues created by Kristen Carter for a huge scavenger hunt that covered Pierre and Fort Pierre.

“Kristen Carter organized this whole event, the Covid Scavenger Hunt 2020,” said participating member Tessa Krueger. “The idea was to get people out and about, but in a safe and healthy way. There were 35 teams involved. Each team had one team captain who Kristen sent 50 clues to, via text message. Each team had one hour to complete as many as they could. Each clue had a point value, either one point, five points, or 10 points.”

Those teams chose names such as “The Fierce Tomatoes,” “Fearless Finders,” “Quarantine Crew,” “Milk Was a Bad Choice,” “Team Bacon,” and “River Renegades.”

“It was fun for me, too. I’m glad everybody had a great time,” said Carter. “I’ve done a couple of scavenger hunts with friends and family. Recently, I walked by a fire hydrant which was part of one of those, and it got me thinking. I sent out the idea to some friends, and it exploded from there. We averaged four to five people per team, so around 150 people over all.”

“All clues led you to different Pierre and Fort Pierre locations,” Krueger said. “At each location you had to text Kristen either a picture or video of your team completing the task, such as running up the Capitol steps ‘Rocky style,’ or forming a conga line in front of a post office.”

“This was an extremely fun event to get outside and safely enjoy the outdoors, while competing with the friends and friends on your team,” Krueger said. “There was no contact with others, but it sure was fun waving and smiling at friends as you passed by.”

Teams prepared, then launched forward at 2 p.m. They could pick and choose which targets to go for, thus helping spread everyone out. The hunt was over at 3 p.m.

“There was no touching of anything. We saw some pretty fun videos and photos. One spot was a house that still had Christmas lights hung up, and the teams had to make videos while singing ‘Jingle Bells’,” said Krueger. “It was quite a riot to check out, all for your quarantine entertainment.” The event featured many landmarks of the region, was a great way to re-explore the area, and was a great way for the community to come together ‘sort of’, said Krueger.

The final results were sent out to all team captains and others around 7 p.m. The ultimate champions were the Kienholz family, calling themselves the “6FeetApart” team. The top two teams won gift certificates to eat out. “These businesses caught wind of things, and contacted me to donate,” said Carter.

“With everything now taking place, this was to keep community spirits up. I hope we are in a position in a few weeks, or maybe months, to try it again,” said Carter.

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