Stanley County Middle-High School held its Band and Choir Concert on May 4 in Parkview Auditorium, where Director Tina England presented members with multiple awards. Here are the honors the student's received.

  • Most Improved Vocalist—Racheal Runge
  • Most Improved Vocalist—Gracie Masteller
  • Director’s Award for Chorus—Madison Serbousek
  • John Philip Sousa Award—Trace Newbold
  • Patrick S. Gilmore Award—Jayda Boxley
  • Most Improved Instrumentalist—Ian Schweitzer
  • Most Improved Instrumentalist—James Fosheim
  • Director’s Award for Band—Taylee Stroup
  • Director’s Award for Band—Levi Stover

Choir letter winners:

  • 4th Bar: Ravin Ayers and Shantay Waldron
  • 3rd bar: Sophie Meligan, Trace Newbold, Kaylie Rathbun
  • 2nd bar: Madison Serbousek
  • 1st bar: Keeley Rothschadl, Tayler Kuper, Racheal Runge, Riley Runge, Talia Schmitt
  • 1st time choir letter winners: Mia Fernandez, Eric Jacobs, Ben Newbold, Raedenn Rathbun, Hope Smedley

Band letter winners:

  • 4th bar: Kaylie Rathbun
  • 3rd bar: Jayda Boxley, Bailey Siedschlaw, Taylee Stroup
  • 2nd bar: LaShonda Defender, Trevor Peterson, Levi Stover, Daysen Titze
  • 1st bar: Ravin Ayers, Calli Campbell, Cormac Duffy, Trace Newbold, Riley Runge, Abby Wyly
  • Mattie Duffy—letter, pin, AND bar
  • 1st year band letter winners: Eric Jacobs, Raedenn Rathbun, Racheal Runge, Barret Schweitzer
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