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Students and community members gather at the PMAC in protest over the schoolÕs handling of sexual assault, Friday, November 20, 2020, on LSU's campus in Baton Rouge, La. (Photo by Hilary Scheinuk, The Advocate) Content Exchange

BATON ROUGE, La. - Getting to Tiger Stadium and the areas surrounding it ready for game day is a monumental taskthis year it's been compounded by employment shortages.

Inside the stadium, the most obvious consequence is a lack of food and drink locations. 

"We've had to close some concession stands inside the stadium. We've had to take out some food items in certain food areas," said Cody Worsham with LSU Athletics. 

LSU says concession workers are hard to come by this year--most likely because of a combination of COVID and recent natural disasters.

But the most glaring side effect of the employment shortage is felt after the game. 

"We're aware of the complaints around contraflow," Worsham said. 

Contraflow is always a hassle, but this year Baton Rouge Police just does not have enough officers to do it smoothly.

"This was our first really big test with a really big crowd. We did some things really well, and we did some things we've got to fix." 

Baton Rouge police brought in the Sheriff's Office and State Police to help direct traffic and offered extra duty pay, but those agencies are feeling the strain as well. 

"Some things we are limited on. We are limited on the number of roads we had around Tiger Stadium. We're limited on the places we can direct traffic to. We're limited on the amount of people we can get to work on game day, so it's understanding your limitations, figuring out how not to be more efficient about them. Figuring out what things work, what don't."

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