The Stanley County Buffaloes girls basketball team hosted the Potter County Battlers at Parkview Gymnasium in Fort Pierre on Tuesday. The visiting Battlers won 48-38.

The Buffs held an 18-13 lead after the first quarter. They remained with a 28-27 lead at halftime, but the Battlers outscored the Buffs 14-10 in the second quarter. The Battlers kept up that momentum by taking a 34-33 lead into the fourth quarter. They put the finishing touches on their win by outscoring the Buffs 14-5 in the fourth quarter.

Buffs coach Keely Bracelin told the Capital Journal that she thought the team played better than they have the past few games.

“We’ve been working on our energy and playing with a little bit more heart,” Bracelin said. “They definitely did that, which was good to see.”

During the first half, the Buffs spread the ball around offensively, passing with efficiency around the key. Bracelin said that’s something they were hoping to do.

“We’ve been focusing on more of a game plan,” Bracelin said. “We’ve been working on pulling some things together on offense. We actually executed some plays we’ve been practicing and running. When our girls have the right mindset, and they have a task they want to execute, they will do that. We definitely saw that in the first half.”

Sophomore guard Mattie Duffy led the Buffs with 13 points. Senior guard Taylee Stroup and freshman guard Morgan Hoffman each had six points.

Junior forward Tyler Simon led the Battlers with 23 points. Sophomore forward Kayden Cronin and junior guard Ashlee Kaup each had eight points.

The Battlers (3-5) will play the Northwestern Wildcats (2-6) in Hoven on Monday. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:45 p.m. CT.

The Buffs (1-7) will host the Lyman Raiders (1-6) on Thursday at Parkview Gymnasium in Fort Pierre. Thursday’s game is the rescheduled contest from Dec. 10. Tip-off is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. CT. Bracelin said the Buffs know what they need to do to win Thursday.

“We’re confident, but these girls have to bring it,” Bracelin said. “They’re the ones that play, and we have to help prepare them for that. Lyman’s got Skyler Volmer and Mak Scott, and they can be big scorers, depending on the night. We know who we need to defend. These girls have to bring the focus and the right mindset to get the job done.”

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Scott Millard has been the sports reporter for the Capital Journal since 2017. He was previously an intern with the Capital Journal during the summer of 2016.

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