The Stanley County seniors took on their parents in the 2022 Senior Parent Basketball Game at Parkview Gymnasium in Fort Pierre on Monday. The seniors won 70-69.

Rules for Monday’s game stated that two females per team must always be on the court. No pressing, trapping or shot clock was allowed. One point was automatically awarded if a parent’s pass or dribble was stolen. Baskets by dads counted as double, while baskets by moms counted as triples. Automatic points were awarded if a parent’s shot was blocked. Referee decisions were irrefutable, irrevocable and unappealable. Rule adjustments were made at the referee’s discretion.

The parents led 20-5 after the first quarter. Both teams scored 14 points in the second quarter, with the parents taking a 34-19 halftime lead. Halftime saw 10 shooters per team shoot half court shots, with some shooters being allowed a closer shot option. Troy Titze was the star of halftime as he hit a half court shot that went straight into the basket. The third quarter saw the parents extend their lead to 67-33. The seniors turned up the tempo in the fourth quarter by outscoring their parents 38-2. The final two minutes descended into chaos with every player on the parents side as well as a few fans seeing action.

A free-will donation counted as admission for the game. A total of $555 was raised for the Stanley County basketball programs. This event was the first event of its kind since the Students versus Staff Game in 2019. An event of this nature has not been seen because of the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling or postponing it. Some parents were a little sore afterwards, with joints and muscles aching either from prolonged usage that they weren’t used to, as well as the plentiful amount of laughter. One parent, Nancy Nordstrom, told the Capital Journal that she wished she could play in a game like that again and again.

“I loved being able to not only play basketball with the seniors and all of the parents, but we were also able to connect with everybody in such a fun and memorable atmosphere,” Nordstrom said. “It was such a positive event for everyone, even if the parents got beat by one point.”

The game was especially special for the Nordstrom family, as senior Evan Nordstrom saw action in a sporting event after a knee injury in football season took Nordstrom out for basketball season. Nancy Nordstrom said it was a special moment to see her son have one more moment on the Parkview court.

“It is hard to describe how happy it made me to see Evan play basketball one final time in Parkview Gymnasium,” Nordstrom said. It was so hard not being able to watch him play at all his senior year. He’s been playing together with this team since fourth grade. My heart was so happy.”

Derek Meyers was the senior coach, while Maureen Frost was the parent coach. The game featured four officials in James Cutshaw, Scott VanDenHemel, KCCR’s Jon Winkler and trainer Sam Naasz. Dakota Radio Group’s David Burrall was the game announcer, while Jacob Kvigne announced the starting lineup. Terry Tople was the official timer, while Ronda Sweetman was the official scorekeeper.

Senior players were Carlie O’Conner, Jordyn Sosa, Taylee Stroup, Cormac Duffy, Ricardo Garcia, Steven Hasart, Kaden Heezen, Gavin Irving, Evan Nordstrom, Lathan Prince, Stran Scott and Daysen Titze. Senior parents were Taunya O’Conner, Talli Sosa, Ken Sosa, Shan Stroup, Trent Stroup, Patti Duffy, John Duffy, Angie Garcia, Jose Garcia, Theresa Jones, Justin Jones, Roxanne Heezen, John Heezen, Joy Lashley, Jeremy Irving, Nancy Nordstrom, Eric Nordstrom, Nicole Edwards, Arlen Prince, Becci Scott, Todd Scott, Tina Titze and Troy Titze.

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Scott Millard has been the sports reporter for the Capital Journal since 2017. He was previously an intern with the Capital Journal during the summer of 2016.

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