John Newell, Pierre, accomplished most of his golf dreams, all in one day.

“It was one of those days,” said Newell about how well everything went Friday, July 27, at the 18-hole Hillsview Golf Course outside of Pierre. “We were not keeping score. We just play; just for fun.”

The “we” was an oddball happenstance, since Newell sometimes plays alone. On this day though, his golf buddy Darin was there as a witness.

On hole 15, a par-four 322-yard slight dogleg to the left, Newell got an eagle, putting the ball in the hole in just shots, two under par. On hole 16, a par-four 339-yard slight ease to the right, Newell got a birdie, sinking the ball in just three shots, one under par. On hole 17, a par-three 185-yard straight-shot, Newell aced it with a hole-in-one.

Using a five-iron, he could not see exactly where his drive went. “It’s so far, a long way to see a golf ball,” said Newell. Besides, a slight rise blocks the view of the green from the tee-box. “I thought, ‘That’ll be a good shot. That’ll be on the green.’ Of course, hole 17 seems to be the biggest green in all of South Dakota.” We went to look for the ball, and found it in the hole.”

“A golfer’s dream; a birdie, an eagle, and a hole-in one,” said Newell. Now, his next dream-come-true would be to shoot a course par, a 72 for the Hillsview Golf Course.

Carin Hayn, manager of the course, put Newell’s information up for all to see. “WOW! John Newell just had a 3 hole stretch all golfers dream of. Holed out his 2nd shot for eagle on #15. Made a long putt on #16 for birdie. Made a HOLE IN ONE on #17! Awesome. Congrats John,” posted Hayn. Newell added, “They really celebrate you.” And, Newell’s wife had the hole-in-one ball set in a glass box for permanent display.

Despite his illustrated talents and skills, Newell does not play in tournaments, with the exception of some charity fundraisers. As for his witness, Darin, “Oh, he played fine,” said Newell.

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