Thirty-seven students at Georgia Morse Middle School met Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) stretch goals in Math, Language Arts, and Science.

“Each student has an individual growth goal in each subject but these students met the stretch goal that was set for each subject. To accomplish this feat is quite amazing,” Georgia Morse Middle School Principal Dr. Kyley Cumbow said.

NWEA is a nonprofit that helps school districts nationwide improve learning for all students. At the middle school level, NWEA goals are assessed in science, math, and language

“We believe we can help in part by providing educators with trusted and accurate insights into where kids are at in their learning throughout the year,” according to the NWEA’s website.

“The greatest thing about acknowledging growth (vs. achievement) is that it gives every student a fair chance at achieving this goal,” Cumbow told the Capital Journal. “When we acknowledge achievement, like for honor rolls, that is a set bar that does not move regardless of where everyone starts.”

At Georgia Morse, teachers came up with a “stretch goal” for each student by combining the national average for growth in each subject and the historical growth of GMMS students. Teh middle school only started recognizing NWEA growth goal students last year, and the number of students remains similar to last year.

“What we have noticed is that our scores on NWEA do not align to what other parts of the nation or even the state are seeing with a significant drop in scores due to how school was done last Spring” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cumbow said. “We have been pleasantly surprised that GMMS students returned showing very little regression in their academics and for many, an increase. These students obviously have put forth the effort in this first semester back to school to build upon their current skills and to keep growing.”

The students who achieved NWEA stretch goals are:Caiden Ahartz

Lukas Barry

Jack Bartlett

Sabrina Bartlett

Ayden Behm

Kaille Behm

Virginia Benson

Avery Bervin

Devin Binger

Addelyn Christopherson

Kate Cremer

Dylan Dodson

Aliya Erickson

Haley Fuerst

Liam Giovenetti

Aliana Grube

Elijah Hand

Maren Houdyshell

Lincoln Houska

Aiden Howard

Lolly Johnson

Lola Keinholz

Lloyd Langdeau

Carley Malm

Jacob Mikkonen

Addison Pollreisz

Kyra Roggenbuck

Rowina Salado

Alex Schaefbauer

Kennedy Schuetlze

Laynee Sitzman

Taryn Spruill

Gabi Thompson

Blake Tostenson

Asher Vanden Boss

Stephanie Velazquez

Quannah Wauqua

Logan Wells

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