Shown is a 3D diagram of the virus that creates COVID-19.

As is now the case throughout much of the nation, the number of active COVID-19 infections in Hughes County continues climbing.

On Thursday, South Dakota Department of Health officials confirmed the number of active COVID cases for the county had reached 16. This sets another record, as the previous all-time high for the county was Wednesday's 14.

In total so far, 42 positive cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Hughes County, with 26 of those confirmed to have been impacted now classified as recovered. Subtracting the recovered number from the total number of infections leads to the 16 active cases.

To this point, there have been no deaths directly attributed to COVID-19 in Hughes County.

On the west side of the Missouri River, Stanley County remained steady on Thursday with two active COVID-19 cases, the same number as Wednesday.

Statewide, the number of active COVID infections listed on Thursday was 800, which was up from 781 the previous day.

As of this writing, 87 South Dakotans have died from COVID-19. In early April. Gov. Kristi Noem and Secretary of Health Kim Malsam-Rysdon were predicting several hundreds of deaths.

The total number of coronavirus infections throughout the state has been 6,479, which is far short of the 265,000 infections Noem and Malsam-Rysdon anticipated. This calculation is based on Malsam-Rysdon’s April projection that 30% of the state’s 884,659 residents would eventually acquire the virus.

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