A Charters of Freedom display.

WINNER — Tripp County will dedicate its new Charters of Freedom setting on Monday, Sept. 2, at 11 a.m.

The Dedication Ceremony will follow the parade as part of the annual Labor Day celebration and will take place next to the Tripp County Courthouse at 200 E. 3rd Street in Winner.

The ceremony includes the Presentation of The Colors, patriotic activities, and a cannon salute, among other events. The National Anthem will be performed by local residents Erin Grossenburg and her sons, Jackson, Haydon, and Liam.

Everyone who attends the dedication of the Charters of Freedom will have their name placed in a Time Capsule which will be sealed inside the setting.

This time capsule will be reopened on September 17, 2087, in a national event which will mark the 300th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

The Charters of Freedom setting includes the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It is designed to be a replica of the original display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Foundation Forward’s mission is to install Charters of Freedom settings in easily accessible locations so members of the community can view these founding documents in a proper setting, even if they cannot travel to Washington, D.C. These settings will provide hands-on education in American History and Civics.

“Imagine if you will school teachers bringing their third, fourth, and fifth grade classes to their Charters of Freedom for annual field trips to learn a little about our founding fathers, the history surrounding the beginning of our country, and how government is meant to serve and protect ‘We The People,’” says VAnce Patterson in the dedication speech. “This local access will also provide a place for Tripp County citizens to gather, celebrate, honor and reflect”.

Tripp County joins Clark County as the only two locations in South Dakota to have a Charters of Freedom setting.

These have been provided as a gift to the citizens, without using any tax-dollars, by Foundation Forward, a 501©(3) educational nonprofit, created by Vance and Mary Jo Patterson of Burke County, North Carolina, along with private donations.

These donations help to “pay it forward”, and assist in the building of future settings throughout the country. Donations can be coordinated through Brenda Muhs or by visiting Tripp County’s very own page on Foundation Forward’s website www.Chartersoffreedom.com.

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