The nation is on its heels because of COVID-19, and so is South Dakota. But, being on heels backing up means it is time to begin counter punching, and that is just what people on both sides of the Missouri River are doing.

People in the capital area are adapting the best they can while a large number of businesses are sending their employees to work remotely; schools across the state are closed until May 1; community spread is present in two counties in South Dakota; and Gov. Kristi Noem is citing scenarios in which the state may not be out of the woods until mid-summer. Everyone is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Business owners are trying to come up with ways to keep their employees afloat with wages; those working remotely have adapted to new work spaces; and students are being fed on the weekdays, and homework packets are cluttering kitchen tables.

The Capital Journal would like to see how you are making the best of a bad situation and would love to hear and see your stories. Please send in photographs with descriptions of how you are making it all work to Editor Casey Junkins at

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