South Dakota continues to see COVID-19 cases affecting its school districts. 

While COVID-19 cases among South Dakota schools have stayed steady, the total case count within K-12 schools has surpassed 10,000 as of Jan. 19, according to data from the state department of health.

In the Pierre School District, there are only six active cases as of Jan. 19; four among students and two among staff:

One student case at Kennedy Elementary,

One staff case at Georgia Morse Middle,

Three students and two staff cases at T.F. Riggs High.

For the week of Jan. 10-16, 10,159 total cases were reported for the state’s K-12 schools, 245 of which are active infections. That’s only seven more active cases than last week, so for the most part, case numbers remain steady with some slight increases. Of the total cases, 7,592 were among students and 2,567 were among staff. There were only 148 new K-12 cases reported to the health department during the week of Jan.10-16, 94 less than the previous week.

There are more K-12 schools that have one or two active cases this week; 124 compared with last week’s 106. Eighteen schools have three or more active cases, and 745 schools have no active cases.

Among South Dakota’s higher education institutions, case counts have also remained steady, with a slight increase in active cases. There are 3,351 total cases within state colleges, universities, and technical colleges, 79 of which are active infections. There are 16 more active cases this week compared with last week. Of the total cases, 2,868 were among students and 483 were among staff. Only 63 new cases were reported the week of Jan. 10-16, four less than the previous week.

There are more higher education institutions with three or more active cases; eight compared to six last week. There are currently three schools with one or two active cases and four schools with none.

The state health department updates case data for South Dakota schools every Monday at https://doh.sd.gov/documents/COVID19/School-College_COVID_cases.pdf. The Pierre School District also updates its case data on Mondays at https://pierre.k12.sd.us/.

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