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Shown is a highly magnified COVID-19 virus.

The Pierre Trappers announced on their FaceBook page on Sunday that an unnamed player on their roster tested positive for COVID-19. The player has been quarantined since learning he may have contracted the virus. The player is staying quarantined for 14 days.

The Trappers learned that the virus was spread to the player from someone in Pierre during one of their prior ten days that they were in Pierre. The virus was not brought in by the player from outside the city or state. The player had not made contact with the rest of the roster, as the team had not held any practices with the player who tested positive in attendance.

Even though the player had not made contact with the rest of the roster, the Trappers are taking the proper precautions at the ballpark leading up to and during the season. The first scheduled practice was held on Monday. Players will be screened each day when they arrive at the ballpark. This includes the taking of their temperature, checking for symptoms and documenting these things each day. This practice will continue throughout the entire season at home and on the road. In addition to the players and coaches, the front office staff, interns and gameday employees will go through the same procedure each day at the office and the ballpark.

The Trappers are rolling out policies to limit contact and keep up social distancing while at Hyde Stadium.

The Trappers are still looking for more host families for four players and three interns. Anyone who hosts a player or intern will get two season tickets, plus an additional ticket per person, a 20 percent discount on all Trappers merchandise, and concession and drink vouchers. If interested, people are asked to contact the Trappers or Assistant General Manager Dustin VanHunnik at 605-280-6602 or

Scott Millard has been the sports reporter for the Capital Journal since 2017. He was previously an intern with the Capital Journal during the summer of 2016.

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