scsd school board may 13 2019

The Stanley County School Board met Monday May 13 to discuss, among other subjects, the list of resignations and new hires for the school district.

On Monday, May 13, the Stanley County School Board avnnounced that eight teachers and staff would be resigning at the end of this school year, and that thus far two new teachers had been chosen as replacements.

The resigning teachers and staff are the following:

Amanda Thronson, Middle School English Language Arts Teacher and Oral Interpretation Advisor

Clark Hofer, High School Science Teacher

Randi Diehm, Physical Education Teacher

Bruce Bresee, Middle School /High School Paraprofessional

Dani Leafgreen, Elementary Paraprofessional and Assistant Track Coach

Chelsea Archer, Head Gymnastics Coach

Ashley Holm, Assistant Track Coach

Amber Gill, Elementary Special Education Teacher

The replacement teachers found thus far are:

Bryan Bonhorst, High School English Language Arts Teacher and Oral Interpretation Advisor

Christian Sollars, Elementary Special Education Teacher

Stanley County School District Superintendent Dr. Joel Price said he was not at liberty to discuss the specific reasons behind the resignation of the staff members, given that the matter is considered a confidential personnel issue.

“Some people are moving out of the community… changes in age, changes in status; there are various reasons,” he said.

Amber Gill, the out-going Special Education teacher, said she was moving to a different school district for family.

“A lot of my family is in Wessington Springs… I’m moving to Chamberlain to be closer to [them],” she said.

Clark Hofer, the resigning high school science teacher, said only that he was leaving for “personal reasons.” He said he was, as of yet, unsure if he would be retiring this year, or looking for a new teaching position elsewhere.

Price said he and the rest of the school board are currently in the process of selecting replacement to fill the remainder of the soon-to-be-vacant positions. “We’re working on it… I’ve got applications that I’m going through right now,” he said.

Dr. Price himself is set to retire as the superintendent of Stanley County School District this June. He will be replaced on July 1 by Daniel Hoey, who is currently the superintendent of Herreid School District No. 10-1 in Campbell County. Hoey has served as Herreid’s superintendent since 2017.

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