UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect an inaccuracy in paragraph 5. Corrected May 8, 5:42 p.m.

Here are five takeaways from the May 7 Stanley County Commission Meeting:

1. The commission board voted to deny a landing permit request from Agtegra Agricultural Services Cooperative to land crop-dusting planes on Stanley County roads. The permit denial comes after at least a month of consideration on the commission board’s part. State’s Attorney for Stanley County Tom Maher summarized the board’s opinions on the matter when he said, “roads are for vehicles, not airplanes.” Board Chairman Dana Iversen said that Agtegra pilots needing to land should try to do so at the Hayes Airstrip, about 30 miles west of Fort Pierre.

2. The board approved the hiring of a new State’s Attorney Assistant for Tom Maher. Maher said his new assistant, a recent SDSU graduate from Chamberlain, has been working with him since April 23. “She seems to be a good fit so far,” County Treasurer Peggy Dougherty said.

3. Chairman Iversen became upset with the paperwork surrounding the Memorandum of Understanding between the SDSU Extension and Stanley County for 4-H activities. The Memorandum outlines the basic responsibilities SDSU and Stanley County will share in supporting 4-H activities in 2019, which Iversen seemed to take no issue with. Rather, his anger stemmed from the Memorandum’s apparent crediting of Hughes County for the support of the 4-H program, in addition to Stanley County. Many Hughes County children participate in the 4-H program, but the county has not officially contributed funds to the program in three years. “They have the majority of the kids in the program but no funds,” Iversen said. “I do not want to see Hughes County on 4-H emails.”

4. Next Wednesday May 15 is the Fort Pierre State Surplus Auction, to be held at the Stanley County Expo Center and Fairgrounds. The auction will begin at 9 a.m. Numerous vehicles of different make and model will be up for sale. Interested buyers will be able to preview the vehicles on Saturday May 11, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Expo Building parking lot.

5. Also at the Fairgrounds, it seems that the new gutters on the main building, installed by Fort Pierre siding contractor ABC Seamless Siding, are not working properly. During the recent rains, Fairgrounds Manager Scott Deal said he noticed water simply falling off the lip of the roof instead of being funneled into the gutters. As a result, much of the ground surrounding the building has become inundated, and Deal expressed concern for water leaking in. Repairs are possible, but may be expensive. “I had [ABC Seamless Siding] over there the other day and he said he could fix it, but he wants 1,400 more dollars to do it,” Deal said. “No-no,” was Iversen’s initial response, before adding incredulously, “He’s been doing gutters for a long time; there’s three other guys that bid that.” “He needs to fix it, because any good gutter man should have seen it,” Deal said.

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