On October 3, a county surplus property auction of land and improvements was held in Fort Pierre.

The property was the Stanley County Highway Shop, located at 213 Stanley Road in Fort Pierre. It had previously been declared surplus property with public notice of the auction. Three owners of property in Stanley County — Tim Hughes of Bottom-Line Welding; Cody Hostler of Sioux Nation Supply; and James Huebner of Garage Doors Etc. — served as a volunteer appraisal committee. The committee reviewed the land and improvements on the property and filed a report regarding its value, estimating it as $260,000.

In 1965, Stanley County purchased the property from Robert and Donna O’Day for $10,000. In 2008 an appraisal conducted assessed its value as $172,000.

The auction was conducted by auctioneers Don Bourk & Gib Hart.The auction was in conjunction with a meeting of the Stanley County Commissioners: Sonny Harrowa, Craig Heller, Dennis Booth, Mike Kenzy, and chairman Dana Iversen, along with the Stanley County Auditor, Philena Burtch, and others in attendance onsite.

The property sold from Stanley County to the highest bidder, which was Bryan Hanson of Fort Pierre Livestock Auction, Inc. The winning bid was for $275,000.

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