Opportunity for Fort Pierre

The Fort Pierre City Council addressed activities for the rest of this summer, as well as other opportunities for the future. One area being looked into is getting motorhome groups to stop over in Fort Pierre for a week at a time during the summer. (photo by Del Bartels)

Shane Kramme, vice president of the Fort Pierre Chamber of Commerce, told the Fort Pierre city council that a “revenue potential for Fort Pierre and local businesses that could be quite large,” at the council’s August 5 meeting.

Kramme explained: He had talked with Gary Milner, the national vice president of the Family Motor Coach Association. Milner was calling from his motor home, one too big to fit in a utilities hook-up spot to stay overnight in Fort Pierre. In his Midwest travels, Milner is scouting for communities “that could accommodate 250 large RVs that would be accompanied by approximately 500 individuals.”

The RVs would need to be in the same location, with water, sewer, and electric hook-ups. “Smaller groups, ranging from 300 to 100 people, would utilize the same facilities in succession on an annual basis,” related Kramme.

“These travelers would remain in the area for about one week each. Mr. Milner stated that these groups would engage in local commerce, which supports area businesses and generates local tax revenues,” said Kramme. Entertainment and catered meals could be requested as well. Kramme said that the groups would probably be mostly senior citizens, thus the law enforcement concerns would probably be low.

In the same vane, senior citizens are not known for splurging. “Mr. Milner reiterated that costs incurred by his group for services rendered would be tallied at the conclusion of the event and he would produce one check for payment,” said Kramme.

“It would be an opportunity, and it would be a large undertaking, no doubt,” said Kramme.

Kramme and the city council will look into the validity and potential of such a venture.

In other business, the council:

Discussed the Fort Pierre farmers’ market, which after last evening’s session has just two more sessions remaining this summer. Concerned if it would hold its own as just a farmers’ market, the event was started as somewhat of a festival like celebration. Under that venue, it has been a success. Last evening’s event carried the theme ‘Music and Maize.”

T’s Tavern was granted a temporary malt beverage license in Lilly Park for August 11 — this is in addition to its already approved license for August 10.

The American Legion Stanley County Post No. 20 was granted a temporary malt beverage license at the farmers’ market for August 13. The American Legion also has a temporary malt beverage license for in Lilly Park for August 16-17.

The Fireman’s Ball, set for October 5, was granted a right-of-way closure permit, from Deadwood Avenue North to the end of the Fire Hall.

Kathy Aplan, Pierre/Fort Pierre Historic Preservation, said the organization is working on updating its website. Using more than $16,000 of grant money awarded to it, as well as other donations, it is replacing the railroad bridge sign, Lewis and Clark signs (including the Circle Sign), the driving tour booklets, and the historic homes booklet. Last year the organization benefited from over 570 volunteer hours recorded, with many more not recorded.

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