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Jamile Drew, 37, of Oakland, California, faces felony charges of attacking and eluding law officers after a chase from Fort Pierre to downtown Pierre where police say she ran through Hardware Hank’s before being arrested. (Photo from Hughes County Jail)

Two high speed chases that began Monday in Fort Pierre on Monday ended with drivers fleeing on foot.

One driver was still on the lam Tuesday after a 100-mph run, a rollover and eluding an hours-long search by several officers. And a California woman is in jail in Pierre pending felony charges after she ended up running through a downtown store.

That’s a little more than the average day, Stanley County Chief Deputy Greg Swanson acknowledged.

The Stanley County Sheriff’s Office handles law enforcement for the city of Fort Pierre as well as the county.

A man remained on the loose Tuesday after a high-speed chase late Monday through town.

At about 10:38 p.m., Monday, Sept. 10, a Stanley County deputy clocked a late-model SUV coming across the Waldron Bridge from Pierre into Fort Pierre going 55 mph in a 35-mph zone, Chief Deputy Swanson told the Capital Journal on Tuesday.

The deputy “turned around and tried to pull him over but the vehicle accelerated to extremely high speeds through Fort Pierre headed south on (U.S. Highway) 83.”

About two miles south of Fort Pierre, the SUV left the road, Swanson said.

“He was driving without headlights at speeds over 100 mph. He went through a fence and rolled and it ended up on its top. The driver evidently exited in the darkness,” Swanson said.

For several hours officers from several agencies searched for the driver, who apparently was not seriously hurt in the rollover, Swanson continued.

The search included Stanley County deputies, Pierre police officers, members of the Fort Pierre Volunteer Fire Department, and troopers from the Highway Patrol and a state airplane using thermal imaging, Swanson said.

“We could not find him.”

The man’s identity is known to law enforcement but they are not releasing his name yet.

Earlier Monday, Stanley County Sheriff’s deputies were watching for a woman headed to Fort Pierre from the Sturgis area, Chief Deputy Swanson told the Capital Journal. The deputies were assisting the state Highway Patrol.

“It originated in Meade County, she had left without paying for something,” Swanson said Tuesday. “We were kind of watching for her. By the time troopers got eyes on her, she was already into Stanley County quite a ways.”

According to Tony Mangan, spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol troopers got a complaint about the Lincoln SUV approaching Fort Pierre on Highway 14, about 15 miles west of town about 5:15 p.m., Monday, Sept. 9.

The driver was Jamila Drew, 37, of Oakland, California.

Nearer Fort Pierre, the Lincoln hit a tractor truck and semi-trailer on Highway 14; the 37-year-old truck driver was not injured, Mangan said.

Chief Deputy Swanson said, “The only thing we did was assist in the pursuit. We threw out some spike strips and got her passenger front tire when she went by close to Valley Tap coming into Fort Pierre.”

Valley Tap is on U.S. Highway 14 northwest of Fort Pierre.

Drew continued with a flat tire across the Waldron Bridge into Pierre, Swanson said.

Drew sped down Sioux Avenue and turned right on Pierre Street and parked in front of the hardware store.

“It ended on Pierre Street at Hogen’s Hardware Hank,” Swanson said. “She got out and it was a foot pursuit. She ran through Hogen’s and they caught her in the alley in back.”

Mangan said the woman tripped going out the back door of the store.

A woman who witnessed the end of the pursuit at the corner of Sioux and Pierre, said, “There were police cars all around.”

Hogen’s is open until 6 p.m., according to its website.

According to a jail official, Drew is being held on several pending charges in the Hughes County Jail in Pierre. They include two felony counts: a count of aggravated eluding of law officers that carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison on conviction; and a similar felony count of simple assault against a law officer.

Apparently it’s a Stanley County case and formal charges hadn’t been filed in the clerk of court’s office in Fort Pierre at mid-afternoon, Tuesday.

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