The Pierre Elementary Summer School program started June 3, and finishes up June 21. Hours are 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., though teacher hours are from 7:45 to noon. There are bus stops at Buchanan and Jefferson for parents who need early pickups, and for drop-offs; a convenience offered mostly for working parents.

“Summer School is off to a great start here at Kennedy Elementary,” said Jennifer Allen, summer school coordinator. “The teachers and students are actually having a fun time.”

“Our program is designed to encourage academic interest throughout summer vacation,” Allen said. “Summer School provides an opportunity for the students to retain their skills over the summer, and also receive more reading and math practice. It is beneficial to these students because they are maintaining their skills learned, but some skills are strengthened with the student’s consistent attendance. 100% attendance is encouraged and highly favored in order for the student to benefit academically.”

This year’s summer school theme is The Academy of Summer School Stars. Students have received certificates, awards, and trophies for good example behavior and attendance, positive attitudes and great work habits.

“Our teachers make the Summer School curriculum fun and engaging. The students are participating in Monster Math, Sizzling Subtraction — less worksheets and more application of math through games. The older students are participating in Mystery Science, an online science curriculum, and are becoming weather detectives, researching different types of weather and writing about them in conclusion. Google Classroom is popular; students are creating slides and incorporating persuasive essays.”

“In the younger classrooms, teachers have brought resources from their schools, and the students are reading about people in their community. The students are also practicing on their writing skills. They are writing opinion pieces, deciding if a popsicle or ice cream is their favorite and why, and how-to paragraphs on building a sand castle. Students are also excited about computer, snacks and a little recess time incorporated into their summer school day.”

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