Harris pleases library concert audience

Hank Harris plays his well-used, warm sounding single pickup custom acoustic guitar at the Rawlins Municipal Library Oct. 2 in Pierre. “I love libraries,” Harris said when asked why he plays libraries.

Rawlins Municipal Library hosted a night of music to entertain even the harshest of young potential critics, October 2, in Pierre.

Hank Harris, out of Rapid City and known in the Black Hills, plays his library all the time. “I love libraries,” Harris said.

“We are very happy and pleased he reached out to us,” Robin Schrupp, the library director said. “It brings back memories of my grandpa, and he used to sing them to my grandma.”

Harris’ sultry smooth voice filled the library while his clean steady strumming over the strings of his well-used and a little bit worn guitar, going “Woo woo” with his head moving to and fro past the microphone, like the sound of a train passing by. This seemed to add a level of sophistication to the scene off to the side where youngsters played first-person-shooters on the library computers.

“Good,” Blake Steffen said about the music in between games on a computer. “They should do this more often. It calms me down when I get mad.”

An old bandmate of Harris’ showed up to listen as well. “Back in ’74 in near Sioux Falls,” said Lonny Schumacher. “He has a great voice.”

Another musician and fan who came to see the show, Ron Woodburn noted Harris plays terrific and wonderful rhythm guitar.

“Support your library,” said Harris. “Support local music too.”

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