Shown is a highly magnified virus that creates COVID-19.

Hughes County for a third consecutive day recored a new positive cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, June 18, while South Dakota as a whole saw 59 new cases. However, there were no new deaths recorded.

Stanley County remained at two active cases, while Hughes had six.

With more venues opened across the state, from buffets to baseball, with rodeos, races, slip ‘n’ slide kickball, and candy to be distributed during the upcoming July 4 parade in Fort Pierre -- with no requirement for masks in a gathering of 7,500 people -- it remains to be seen if South Dakota can continue to flatten the curve.

The curve was flattened “mightily,” Secretary of Health Kim Maslam-Rysdon said of South Dakota’s progress in May.

There were still a dozen counties in South Dakota without a positive case of COVID-19. There are seven now.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on the upcoming schedule, as well. While state officials have said they look forward to helping the event planners review their mitigation plans and reached out to help, some in South Dakota continue to question how dangerous COVID-19 actually is.

Again, everyone is vulnerable, yet those with more years and those with comorbidity issues require more help including hospitalization.

Masks to cover one's mouth and nose are still recommended while in public spaces where suitable ventilation and social distancing is difficult to maintain, state head Epidemiologist Dr. Joshua Clayton has said.

Department of Health officials now only conduct teleconferences Monday, Wednesday and Friday for updates on numbers, clusters, mass testing and to answer questions from the media.

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