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Morris Construction workers re-paving one half of the Lynn’s Dakotamart parking lot with a fresh layer of asphalt. After this half was completed, one worker said, cars would be immediately directed to park on it so that the half closer to Sioux Avenue could be worked on.

The re-pavement of the Lynn’s Dakotamart parking lot is expected to be completed by Thursday evening, June 27, Morris Construction Operations Manager T.J. Gallagher told the Capital Journal on Wednesday, June 26. Morris Construction is the local contractor Lynn’s hired to undertake the project.

Gallagher said that they began repaving the parking lot on Monday. But they didn’t do it alone.

“A company called Midstate [Reclamation & Trucking], we subcontracted them to do the milling,” Gallagher said. “They took off two inches.”

After Midstate Reclamation workers milled those top two inches, Morris workers started to put down fresh pavement. Those efforts continued through Wednesday. For much of the afternoon, Lynn’s Dakotamart customers crowded into the half of the parking lot nearer to Sioux Avenue, as the far half was being coated with a layer of hot, fresh asphalt. A Morris worker directing traffic said that after the far half of the lot was paved and painted, cars would be directed to park there so the near half could be completed.

Here, again, Morris received some additional help.

“Dakota Striping Services, they paint all the yellow lines and handicapped spaces,” Gallagher said just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday. “They’re doing it right now.”

Tim Murphy, the General Manager for the Pierre Lynn’s Dakotamart, said plans had been in the works for more than four years to have the parking lot repaved. It was only this summer, though, that the store had gathered the funds necessary to actually carry out those plans.

“It costs a lot of money,” he said.

Lynn’s had previously hired workers to chip-seal the lot and prolong its lifetime, Murphy said, but had never completely repaved it.

“It was time to do it,” Murphy said. “It’s just like a road.”

Gallagher said that, also like many roads, a special layer of fabric had been added to the asphalt to help prevent cracks and increase its lifespan.

“With proper maintenance, you’re looking at another 20 years or so of use,” Gallagher said.

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