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U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is scheduled to tour the National Guard Armory in Pierre at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. Adams is in South Dakota to help with mass COVID-19 testing. 

COVID-19 is surging in South Dakota, reaching 16,266 active infections on Monday. Amid this, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is expected to attend Tuesday’s mass testing event, set for 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the National Guard Armory, 3440 E. Hwy. 34 in Pierre.

More COVID testing is scheduled for the same location on Wednesday. For full information or to register, go to https://covid.sd.gov/testing.aspx. Alternatively, residents may call 1-800-997-2880 for details.

Meanwhile, the COVID case count in the Pierre School District remained steady this week despite statewide increases. There were six active student cases of COVID-19 and five active staff cases in the district as of Monday afternoon. One student at Georgia Morse Middle school and five students at T.F. Riggs currently have COVID. One staff member has an active infection at all three elementary schools, and two staff members are infected at the middle school.

COVID cases in South Dakota’s K-12 schools have been steadily increasing over the past few weeks. From October 25-31, 750 new cases were reported to the State Department of Health. There were 802 active infections.

So far, from Nov. 1-7, 621 new cases were reported. There were 845 active infections, 43 more than the week prior. There are now 4,989 total cases in K-12 schools, with 4,144 recovered. Of the total cases, 3,595 were among students and 1,394 were among staff members.

There are now more K-12 schools with one or two cases, going from 210 the week of Oct. 25-31 to 241 for Nov. 1-7. Only 84 schools had three or more cases, compared to 91 the week prior, and 562 schools had no cases at all, compared to 586.

The case numbers at South Dakota’s higher education institutions remain steady with a slight downward trend. One hundred seventeen new cases were reported for the week of Nov. 1-7, down from 160 new cases the week before. Colleges, universities and technical colleges in the state have stayed below 200 new cases per week since the second week of September.

There are currently 187 active infections, down eight from Oct. 25-31. There are now 2,198 total cases, 2,011 of which are recovered. Of the total cases, 1,993 were among students and 205 were among staff members. All 15 higher education institutions reported three or more cases last week.

The health department updates charts of COVID case data for all South Dakota schools each Monday on its COVID information webpage, https://doh.sd.gov/news/coronavirus.aspx. The Pierre School District does the same on its homepage at https://pierre.k12.sd.us/.

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