Outlook Productivity training coming to Pierre, Oct. 22

Jason Henkel, trainer for the upcoming course on Outlook.

Capital University Center is hosting Outlook Productivity Training in Pierre, Oct. 22. This course directly addresses a modern problem: very few people have been trained how to actually use Microsoft Outlook.

This is the case, though some may say Outlook could be the world’s greatest personal productivity tool, and despite that Outlook could possibly be the one work tool touched the most in any working day throughout the world.

“Capital University Center wants to be responsive to workforce training needs in the area. We identified Outlook Productivity as a training that was useful to anyone who has an in-box, from state agencies to local businesses to private individuals,” said Gini Grannes with CUC.

Group discounts for the class are available, based on the numbers in the class.

If a business or organization has staff or coworkers who could benefit from this training, the Capital University Center (CUS) suggests the business or organization organizes a group registration, to possibly receive a discounted registration rate. For group rate options, call Gini Grannes at 605-773-2160. “We offer an Outlook Productivity Training group registration discount on a sliding scale based upon the number of registrants,” said Grannes.

This Outlook Productivity Training is a brief two-hour seminar-style training where the participants hear and see unique and immediately useful approaches and methodology to increasing — possibly even doubling — output in their work and personal life.

“This course is designed for those who have trouble with too much email and are not feeling on balance and out in front of it in their work,” said Gini Grannes with CUC. “What definitely sets this training apart from any other productivity training is that, during the session, participants actually change the settings in their own Microsoft Outlook. This enables immediate results.”

“Time is allocated for hands-on working in the new way” added Grannes. “Bottom line, people walk out of this training actually ‘changed’ in their understanding and use of Outlook. This is not a ‘reference’ training; it’s training for those who are finally sick of the email monster and the uneasy feeling of too much to do.”

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