Author Cherie Sheridan announces the nationwide release of her new books on Christian living, “Place of Praise,” where she covers various topics that help readers build and strengthen their relationship with God and “Cherie’s Story,” where she exposes the destructive elements that occultism can bring to one’s life.

“Place of Praise” is an enjoyable and easy to read for all ages. Young and old alike will be able to receive the deep truths contained in this book. It addresses not only physical things people can do to praise the Lord, but also addresses the state of the heart. It brings the individual into the place where God’s essence fills them and everything concerning them. This book also presents ways that readers can praise God that may have not been considered; by opening up the readers’ understanding, “Place of Praise” helps the liberty of God enter in to their lives.

“Cherie’s Story” exposes the lure, the deception and the destruction of the occult. Sheridan was involved in the occult for more than 12 years. She tells of its destructive forces and what she had to do to be set free from its bondage. This book is great for people who are (or knows someone who is) involved in New Age or occult practices.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Sheridan is the president and CEO of On Track Restoration Project. Called as an End-Time prophetess, psalmist and teacher she, has been commissioned by God to dig wells, unlock people and release the river of God.

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