The Donut Shop at 1120 N. Euclid Ave. in Pierre has been closed for some weeks and people miss it.

When news began leaking the past couple weeks or so, people were talking.

Hughes County Commissioners were remembering it, as well as the previous business in there: Mac’s Drive In, when it was the north hub of the cruising route on Euclid down to Pierre Street.

Mac’s was built in the early 1960s, said Ray Hartman, who bought it about 1976 and turned it into the Donut Shop.

He still lives about a block away.

He and others who live near it have reported smelling donuts in recent weeks.

On Thursday, Chuck Filler, who has owned and operated the Donut Shop for 30 years was behind the counter again on Thursday, Feb. 21, training a new guy on the donut-making equipment.

He referred a reporter to the new owner, Tom Rounds. Efforts to reach Rounds on Thursday were not successful. He owns a local distillery with some brothers and other family members and has been in the banking and finance business for years.

Filler said he didn’t know when the shop would re-open and said that was up to Rounds.

Rounds posted a note on Feb. 11 on social media saying the shop soon would be re-opening and that he was looking to hire people.

“The same traditional donuts made the same traditional way by Chuck and new staff,” Rounds said in the post.

He said interesting parties could email him at

According to the Hughes County Register of Deeds office, Filler sold the shop to for $100,000 on a contract for deed. It’s appraised value for tax purposes is $70,535.

Filler bought it from Ray and Maxine Hartman in March 1989. Gerry Allan who built it as Mac’s Drive In, sold it to Hartman in 1976, according to the county’s records.

Hartmans had The Main Bakery downtown on Pierre Street from 1957 to 1976 when they sold it to a jewelry store owner. Hartman said he bought Mac’s to make just donuts, not the full bakery store menu. Filler bought it in 1989.

Fans of the Donut Shop responded to Rounds’ posting on social media, saying they can’t wait until it opens again.

Rounds is the brother of U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds and state Rep. Tim Rounds of Pierre.

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