Editor's Note: Event organizer Brandi Barth mistakenly told the Capital Journal earlier this week that 13,000 people were interested in the Saturday boat parade for President Donald Trump. Thursday morning, she corrected the number to 1,400.

President Donald Trump trails Democrat Joe Biden by as many as 10 points in national public opinion polls, but this is unlikely to dampen the spirits of hundreds of Trump supporters expected to parade on the Missouri River this Saturday.

As has been the case for Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Massachusetts and California, along with several other states across the country recently, South Dakota will host its Trump boat parade in Pierre. The event is set for 1 p.m. Saturday at Steamboat Park and the Missouri River Causeway.

“We are hoping to get things going around 1 p.m., but it just keeps bigger by the day, so I couldn’t even tell ya the amount of people,” event organizer Brandi Barth, of Pierre, told the Capital Journal via Facebook Messenger. “Over 1,400 people are going or interested from our event page.”

Barth announced the Pierre event last month. Since then, Trump boat parades have become a common sight from coast-to-coast.

Trump, as well as members of the first family, has certainly taken notice. There is Twitter video from Austin, Texas retweeted by the president’s son, Eric Trump.

The president himself retweeted a video of a San Diego, California event.

Not to be outdone were Trump supporters in Pensacola, Florida.

“Please come down and show your support for our amazing, President Donald J. Trump,” Barth added of the event. “No other president in our lifetime has had an impact like this on us Americans. It’s raised up some patriots that didn’t even know they were patriots. Our president has created a movement of people with such pride and love for our country, so much that we want to gather the masses to spread the love. In times such as these, one thing we definitely need is love.”

The boat parades are not without danger, however. According to multiple news outlets, including NBC News and MarketWatch, multiple boats were overtaken by high waves and began to sink during the Sept. 5 event on Lake Travis in Texas.

No injuries were reported from the sinkings.

Trump’s relatively strong popularity in South Dakota cannot be denied. He carried the state by 30 points in the matchup with Democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago, while Gov. Kristi Noem continues as a very strong supporter of the president. South Dakota has not voted for the Democratic nominee for president in 56 years.

Despite trailing in the national public opinion polls, Trump expressed optimism about the race on Monday.

“The Real Polls are starting to look GREAT! We will be having an even bigger victory than that of 2016. The Radical Left Anarchists, Agitators, Looters, and just plain Lunatics, will not be happy, but they will behave,” Trump tweeted.

Electoral College OutlineStates considered “toss-ups” for this year’s Electoral College include:

Texas — 38 electoral votes (Trump won by 9 points in 2016)

Florida — 29 electoral votes (Trump won by 1.2 points in 2016)

Pennsylvania — 20 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.7 points in 2016)

Ohio — 18 electoral votes (Trump won by 8 points in 2016)

Michigan — 16 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.3 points in 2016)

Georgia — 16 electoral votes (Trump won by 5 points in 2016)

North Carolina — 15 electoral votes (Trump won by 3.6 points in 2016)

Arizona — 11 electoral votes (Trump won by 3.5 points in 2016)

Wisconsin — 10 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.7 points in 2016)

Minnesota — 10 electoral votes (Clinton won by 1.5 points in 2016)

Iowa — 6 electoral votes (Trump won by 9.4 points in 2016)

New Hampshire — 4 electoral votes (Clinton won by 0.3 points in 2016)

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