A 30-year-old man was flown to a Sioux Falls hospital with “severe life-threatening injuries,” after being shot Thursday night by another person at a house in Pierre.

According to Police Capt. Bryan Walz, the victim of the shooting was outside a home in the 400 block of West Prospect Avenue when he was shot by another person.

That site is in the northwest part of the city, two blocks northwest of First United Methodist Church and near the Lincoln Apartments complex, which is in the 300 block of Prospect.

The 911 call came in at 8:56 p.m., Thursday, July 9 to the Central South Dakota Communications Center in Pierre, according to a news release from Walz Friday morning.

“The caller advised (that) a 30-year-old male from Pierre had been shot at this location and was currently being transported by private vehicle to Avera St. Mary’s Hospital,” according to Walz. “The victim received severe, life-threatening injuries and was later flown to Sioux Falls for further treatment.”

Not many more details were available yet in the investigation, but Walz said no arrests have been made and that this “incident does not appear to be a random act of violence.”

The home where it happened is on a street of well-kept, modest houses with fairly young shade trees on the berm and evergreens in the yard.

A deputy sheriff lives right around the corner.

The house where the shooting occurred is one of four townhouses in two sets of twins set garage to garage. The victim apparently was standing outside on the cement driveway next to the home when he was shot.

A neighbor said law enforcement investigators talked to her Thursday night.

“I think they know who they are looking for,” said the woman, who asked that her name not be published.

Neighbors told the Capital Journal there had been troubling incidents at the home recently.

One neighbor to the house said she not infrequently heard loud arguments from the home that she described as domestic conflicts.

“When your TV is on and your windows are closed and you can hear the words, it’s bad,” said the woman, who asked that her name not be published.

On Thursday night, it was more than that, she said.

“It was ‘boom, boom,’ then a pickup took off out of the driveway.”

“I thought it was fireworks. But (a friend) said, ‘that’s a gun.’”

She saw a woman help the wounded victim into the pickup truck in front of that house and leave, apparently to the hospital.

She said another neighbor told her she earlier saw a man leave the place in a car “going west,” immediately after the shooting.

There soon were law enforcement officers all over the neighborhood, including a SWAT team that burst in through the back door, she said. “They didn’t know who was in there.”

It was unsettling, she said.

“I didn’t get to sleep until after (1 a.m. Friday),” she said.

On Friday afternoon, neighbors from down the block walked by on the other side of the street to take a closer look and cars drove by, slowing down as they passed the house.

A man who said he knew the woman who lives there stopped to check in on her, he said, but no one answered the door.

There was a front window in the house boarded up with a plywood rectangle which had been put up some time before the shooting, a neighbor said.

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