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This woman and her husband, here napping on the ground, were victims of a couple who mugged them Monday evening in Griffin Park in Pierre just a few hundred feet from where they have their tent. The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she didn’t know Teri Hairybird or Patrick Lebeau who approached her and her husband about 6 p.m., Aug. 12, attacked her and took her wallet, the woman said. She showed bruises on her upper left arm from the attack. She and her husband have been staying in a tent in the park for about a month, moving it every few days to follow park rules. Others stay in this spot next to the Missouri River, visible in the background. (Stephen Lee/CapJournal)

Pierre police arrested a man and woman Monday evening in Griffin Park after another woman called 911 while she was being assaulted and robbed by the pair, who took her wallet, according to Capt. Bryan Walz.

Just after 6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 12, police responded to a 911 call from a woman who said a man and woman were confronting and frightening her in the park next to the Missouri River.

“Out of fear, she called 911 for assistance, at which time the female grabbed the phone from her and threw it to the ground and then stole her wallet,” Walz said in a news release on Tuesday morning.

From the woman’s information, officers located Teri Hairybird, 28, and Patrick Lebeau, 28, in the tent camping area in the park.

Walz told the Capital Journal the victim and Hairybird and Lebeau “are known to law enforcement.”

Hairybird had the woman’s wallet in her possession, Walz said.

Hairybird and Lebeau were taken into custody.

Hairybird was cited on a ticket with an expected charge of second-degree robbery, which is a Class 4 felony with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison on conviction. She also is cited and expected to be charged by the Hughes County attorney’s office, with misdemeanor counts of petty theft, intentional damage to property and interference in an emergency communication.

Lebeau was arrested on a ticket citing expected misdemeanor charges of simple assault using intimidation — which could become a felony depending on a person’s criminal history — and disorderly conduct.

The victim told the Capital Journal on Tuesday that she does not know Hairybird or Lebeau, who approached her and her husband Monday about 6 p.m., in a threatening manner, she said.

Hairybird wrestled with her and when the victim called 911, Hairybird “grabbed my phone and threw it on the ground,” she said, showing a reporter. She also showed bruises on her upper left arm that came from the attack in which the woman stole her wallet, the woman said.

She and her husband have been staying in a tent in Griffin Park for about a month, she said.

It appeared at least three tents were pitched among evergreen trees next to an RV parking spot.

“We move it every three days, or they will evict us,” she said of the city park rules.

A red tent next to their has been empty for weeks, she said. Others stay in this pleasant spot next to the Missouri River. She and her husband are waiting to hear about jobs based on applications they have filled out, she said.

“Then we will be able to move into a place of our own,” she said.

They had to move out of their previous home in Pierre because of black mold, the woman said.

This is her home base, the woman said.

“I was born and raised in Pierre,” she said.

The police returned her wallet on Tuesday, with everything intact, the woman said. “I didn’t have any money, it’s all cards.”

Her husband hurt his leg in the altercation, the woman said.

Meanwhile, Lebeau is being held in the Hughes County Jail on a detainer from the state prison system, as well as on the new misdemeanor citations, Walz said.

Lebeau is on parole from the state prison as part of an escape conviction from 2017 in Hughes County, according to Department of Corrections records.

Lebeau was sentenced on June 13, 2017, to five years in prison on a conviction for escape, with three years suspended. His initial parole date, when he typically would be released from prison, was Sept. 25, 2018.

His parole had been slated to expire on Sept. 12, 2023, according to prison records.

Parole and probation conditions typically require a person to avoid breaking the law.

Hairybird was discharged in September 2018 from the state women’s prison in Pierre after completing a sentence, according to DOC records.

Hairybird and Lebeau had not yet appeared in court on the expected charges Tuesday morning.

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